• Incline Conveyor
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The incline conveyor is designed to work in combination with the board removal system on the WM3500 industrial sawmill, but can be adapted to any situation needing a flat belt conveyor. The conveyor is designed to mate with Wood-Mizer industrial sawmills in dimension and the belt speed matches the return speed of the WM3500. As the cut piece is pushed off the mill, the conveyor receives it and transfers it away at a slight incline. By elevating the board, it can then move onto a Transfer Deck, or a Three- Way Conveyor for further handling.

Standard Operation and Material Handling Features


Shock-Absorbing Legs
The IC-5 is equipped with shock-absorbing legs for handling large cants and ties.

Crash Bar

Operation Station
A crash bar on the IC-5 is designed to take the initial impact of heavy material.



2HP (1.5kW) Motor, 230V/60Hz 3Ph
2HP (1.5kW) Motor, 460V/60Hz 3Ph
2HP (1.5kW) Motor, 230V/60Hz 1Ph
5HP (3.7kW) Motor, 230V/60Hz 3Ph
5HP (3.7kW) Motor, 460V/60Hz 3Ph
5HP (3.7kW) Motor, 230V/60Hz 1Ph
Max. load capacity (IC-2)
3,500 lbs (1,590kg)
Max. load capacity (IC-5) 6,000 lbs (2,725kg)
Max. material length 30' (9m)
Dimensions & Requirements
Length 20' 3" (6.2m)
3' 6" (1.06m)
Height (ground to belt)
45" (1.1m) w/ 4" (100mm) of Adj.
Weight (IC-2) 1,345 lbs (612kg) r
Weight (IC-5) 1,600 lbs (726kg)
Belt Speed 230 ft/min (70 m/min)