Logging Tools

Logging and forestry tools are necessary to move, roll, lift, pivot, and position logs around your sawmill and woodlot. If you need a cant hook, log arch, log carrier, or other log rolling or log handling tool, Wood-Mizer and LogRite provide durable, long-lasting, and affordable logging tools that will help you move logs wherever you need them.

Cant Hooks

Cant Hooks

Starting at $80

Wood-Mizer steel cant hooks and LogRite cant hooks are engineered to roll, lift, move, and pivot heavy logs around your woodlot or sawmill.

Log Arches

Log Arches

Starting at $540

Log arches are perfect for moving logs of all sizes with minimal impact on the land. Ergonomically engineered for a lifetime of use, these log arches are used by arborists, sawmill owners and forest land owners.

Log Carriers

Wood-Mizer Timber Tongs

Starting at $70 

Made in the USA, Wood-Mizer timber tongs are a helpful logging hand tool to move small diameter logs where you need them around your sawmill and woodlot.

LogRite 2-Person Log Carrier

Starting at $134

Handheld 2-person log carrier for moving and skidding logs around the forest and woodlot.