Board Edgers

Increase production and profits by turning your flitches, sideboards, and slabs into clean square-edged boards with a Wood-Mizer board edger. Running a board edger increases the value of rough sawn lumber while also saving time and labor from edging boards on a sawmill. Ease of operation, reliability, accuracy, and versatility make Wood-Mizer’s broad range of single blade, twin blade, multirip, and optimizing board edgers a profitable investment for hobbyists, start-up sawmill businesses, and high production operations.

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Single Blade Board Edgers

SAVE $400
EG50 Wood Edger
EG50 Single Blade Board Edger

Now Only $2,995 $3,395

Entry-level single blade lumber edger with one 10" carbide-tipped blade, 10HP gas engine, 2 ¼" max board thickness and 12" max finished board width.

Twin Blade Board Edgers

SAVE $500
EG100 Wood Edger
EG100 Twin Blade Board Edger

Now Only $5,495 $5,995

Entry-level twin blade lumber edger with manual blade adjustment, gas/electric power, one fixed/one adjustable 10” carbide-tipped circular blades, 20 ½” max width capacity, 12” max finished board width, and 30 fpm belt driven feed system.

EG200 Portable Sawmill Edger
EG200 Twin Blade Portable Board Edger

Starting at $12,895

Professional twin blade lumber edger with gas/diesel/electric power, one fixed/ one adjustable 10” carbide-tipped blades, 24 ¾" max flitch width, 2" max board thickness, 15" max finished board width, 55-70 fpm powered roller feed system and an optional trailer package.

EG400 Board Edger
EG400 Twin Blade Board Edger

Starting at $41,995

Industrial twin blade lumber edger with 30HP electric power, two movable 16” carbide-tipped blades, 36” max flitch width, 4” board thickness, 28” max finished board width, optional setworks, and up to 111 fpm feed system.

Multirip Board Edgers

SAVE $1,000
EG300 Board Edger
EG300 Twin Blade Board Edger

Now Only $14,295 $15,295

Industrial twin blade lumber edger with 25HP electric power, one fixed/ one adjustable 13 ¾” carbide-tipped blades, up to 5 blade multirip capacity, 21” max flitch width, 2 ¼” board thickness, 16 ½” max finished board width, setworks, and 46/56/59 fpm variable feed speed.

EG800 Board Edger
TITAN EG800 Manual Board Edger

Starting at $34,995

High-throughput manual lumber edger with 40HP electric power, multirip blade capacity, up to 425 ft/min variable feed speed, 25 - 3/16" max material width, and 4 - 1/4" max material thickness.

MR3000/MR5000 Multirip Board Edger
TITAN MR3000/MR5000 Multirip Board Edgers

Call for Pricing

High-throughput multirip lumber edgers with 2 x 60HP or 100HP/120HP electric power, optical sensor controlled pneumatic hold downs, multirip blade capacity, up to 130 ft/min variable feed speed, 23" max material width, and up to 9 - 1/2" max material thickness.

Optimizing Board Edgers

EA1000/EA3000 Optimizing Board Edger
TITAN EA1000/EA3000 Optimizing Board Edgers

Call for Pricing

High-throughput optimizing lumber edgers with optical board scanning technology, electro servo sizing system, automated board alignment, 29HP or 40HP electric power, up to 460 ft/min variable feed speed, 19 - 11/16" max material width, and up to 1 - 3/4" max material thickness.

**All prices and savings in U.S. dollars & effective May/1/2020. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. NOW ONLY prices are after savings have been applied. Cannot be used in combination with any other offers or discounts. Shipping or delivery not included. Trailer-mounted mills require delivery or pick up from Wood-Mizer location. Some assembly may be required. Offer good on new orders placed with deposit 5/1/2020 through 7/31/2020.

† Estimated payments are for the sawmill only and based on no money down, 60 month terms for qualified business buyers through CIT. Financing not available on LX55. Other financing options may also be available through Wood-Mizer for those not qualified for these special rates. Call for assistance and terms.

**Due to many variables, actual production figures will vary.