Pallet Hawg® Pallet Bandsaw Dismantler

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One or two operator bandsaw pallet dismantler with 10HP electric or 19HP gas power, 60” to 96” width capacity, 5 ¼” table height adjustment, optional trailer package, optional rear/center drop table, and optional front/rear board catch.

Versatile & Smart Pallet Dismantler for Pallet Recycling

Designed for one or two operators, the Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler is engineered for a full range of pallet recycling including pallet prep, repair, dismantle, and recovery. Available in 60”, 66", 72”, 84”, or 96” wide table capacities, this bandsaw pallet dismantler also offers many customizable options to fit the needs of your pallet recycling operation including electric or gas power, trailer package, rear or center drop table, and front or rear board catch. The Pallet Hawg is available as a 3-phase or single phase pallet dismantler with a 10HP electric motor or as a portable pallet dismantler with a 19HP gas pallet dismantler and optional trailer package.


Two easily removable pass back bars located above the blade allow for a quick transition between a two person and one person operation. Average production will vary per 8-hour shift but the PD200 is designed to dismantle approximately 400 pallets per shift with one operator. A pneumatic table lift has preset heights with 5-1/2” of travel below the blade to enable quick and convenient shifting between upper and lower cut points to easily adjust for block pallets, stringer pallets, or specialty pallets and skids. Due to the unique combination of high torque and low RPMs, the bi-metal bandsaw blade running at 2,200 fpm has an expected blade life of up to 1,500 dismantled pallets per blade which is nearly double the blade life of competitive pallet dismantling saws. A mechanical blade tension system ensures proper blade tension at all times unlike other dismantlers that use air or hydraulic for blade tensioning. Two removable wheel cabinets allow for easy access to the two 27” bias ply tires and blade guide assemblies for maintenance. Two operator remote stop buttons are available near the table height adjustment for safety and two built in fork pockets allow for easy loading and unloading of the machine for layout flexibility.

Built in the USA with premium quality components, the Pallet Hawg Pallet Dismantler is designed for low maintenance costs and service.


  • No fail mechanical blade tension system
  • 10 hp motor with gear reduction drive
  • Pneumatic hand valve moves table up and down
  • Cabinet backs 3/8" steel plate

Popular Options

  • Center Drop Table
  • Rear Drop Table
  • Pneumatic hand valve moves table up and down
  • Cabinet backs 3/8" steel plate


Length 10-1/2' (3.2m), 11' (3.35m), 11-1/2' (3.5m)
Width 5' (1.5m)
Height 4' (1.2m)
Weight 1,800 lbs (820k)
Material Width 60" (1.5m)
66" (1.7m)
72" (1.8m)
84" (2.1m)
96" (2.4m)
Blade Lengths

PD200 PD200 W66 PD200 W72 PD200 W84 PD200 W96
268" 280" 292" 316" 340"
Top Blade Speed 2,200 fpm (670 m/min)
Blade Material Bi-metal
Blade Size 22'4" x 1.25" x 0.042 thick (6.8m x 32mm x 1mm)
Blade Life Expectancy 1,200 pallets or 3 days production
Blade Teeth 5-8 variable teeth per inch
Air Pressure min: 80 psi (5.6 Kg/cm)
max: 120 psi (8.4 Kg/cm)
Drive Wheel Hub Size 15" - 6 lugs x 5.5 bolt circle inch
Drive Wheel Tire Size ST205/75D-15 bias ply only
Power 10HP Electric 220V/60Hz 1-Phase
10HP Electric 240V/60Hz 3-Phase
10HP Electric 480V/60Hz 3-Phase
10HP Electric 575V/50Hz 3-Phase
19HP Gas


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