Sawmilling Systems

From economic narrowband sawmill systems to high-throughput commercial timber processing lines, Wood-Mizer’s Sawmilling Solutions team is available to design the ideal system to meet your requirements. Below are examples of the complex and customizable lines that can be designed completely to meet your needs. Wood-Mizer’s global engineering team and sawmilling systems specialists look forward to hearing your challenges and planning new solutions that will achieve your goals.

World Class Sawmill Systems / Video

World Class Sawmill Systems / Development

Customized System Design

With your input, our experienced design engineers can tailor a system that is perfect for your operation's needs, goals, and budget. Our dedicated team is focused on helping you build a long-term solution for your business and receive the maximum value for your investment.

Detailed Project Management

We will work closely with you to optimize your production, guarantee an efficient operation and make sure your project keeps moving forward with transparency and detailed communication. This includes preliminary designs, cost estimates, feasibility analysis, execution methods and installation, an agreed-upon schedule, and more.

World-Class Manufacturing

With 100,000+ sawmill operations in more than 100 countries, Wood-Mizer is the undisputed global leader in thin-kerf sawmilling equipment. We use modern design and manufacturing techniques including 3D CAD, laser profiling, CNC bending and CNC machining. Our onsite machinery and technology allows us to build heavy-duty, durable, and high-value systems that are running efficiently in customer operations all around the world.

In-Depth Training & Installation

Our team will provide in-depth training on the equipment for the mill personnel, track the installation progress and make all necessary adjustments to guarantee the installation is completed successfully. Our mission is to be your long-term partner in the sawmilling industry, and we do that by standing behind our products and providing premium after sales service experience.

World Class Sawmill Systems / Options

Professional Sawmilling Systems

Professional sawmilling systems give you everything you need to process logs into finished boards more profitably with minimal expense and labor. With the ability to customize based on your requirements, professional sawmilling systems deliver maximum production using Wood-Mizer’s professional line of sawmills. The productivity, higher log yields, affordability and low operating costs make these systems very viable solutions.

Industrial Sawmilling Systems

Industrial sawmilling systems combine the profitability enhancements of thin-kerf blades with commercial productivity to create an ideal solution for any sawmill. Configurable for whatever production requirements are needed, industrial sawmilling systems deliver higher log yield at lower investment and operating costs than alternatives while increasing profitability and the ability to produce diverse products. Powerful hydraulic log handling enable easy manipulation of large logs and several options are available to meet your needs.

WB2000 Sawmilling System

WB2000 sawmilling systems combine the increased yield of thin-kerf blade technology with wideband blade performance for performance, durability, and reliability that high-production operations demand. Packed with high-performance features, the WB2000 includes a powerful 50HP electric motor, heavy-duty construction, low maintenance, HMI cab operated feed controls, two camera video system, and an efficient operation with precision setworks for sawing large diameter softwood, hardwood, and tropical logs. Combine the high-performance of the WB2000 sawmill with configurable material handling and timber processing equipment for a robust sawmilling solution that produces results.

SLP1 Smart Log Processing Sawmill System

SLP sawmilling systems are smart log processing lines that maximize log yield while minimizing investment and operational costs. The SLP1 sawmilling system utilizes thin-kerf blades on each sawmill unit in the system to deliver better log yield than other processing methods. Highly popular among pallet manufacturers, the SLP1 specializes in making the most profit possible from low value logs up to 16" (400mm) in diameter and increasing your competitive edge. Because the system is modular, machines can be arranged to suit cutting needs as the market changes. Typical components include a Twin Vertical Saw, a Single Vertical Saw, a Multihead Resaw and a Multirip or Edger.

SLP2 Smart Log Processing Sawmill System

SLP sawmilling systems are smart log processing lines that maximize log yield while minimizing investment and operational costs. Offering more automation and features to reduce production costs, the SLP2 sawmilling system is the next stage in increasing profits from small- to medium-sized logs up to 16" (400 mm) in diameter. The system can be configured in different ways depending on product requirements and budget and as few as two or three workers can successfully manage the whole system due to its level of automation.

TV2000 Sawmilling System

The TV2000 is an efficient and robust twin vertical saw for small to medium diameter logs up to 13ft (4m) in length. It is designed to break the log into a two-sided cant. The mechanized log loader allows for a single operator to rotate each log to the optimal position and then place it onto the moving sharp-chain. While moving through the blades, the log is held stable by multiple pressure feed rollers from the top, giving it unrivaled stability in the cut. The operator may select the desired cutting size and the machine will automatically adjust to that size in a fraction of a second, making it possible to saw unsorted logs, although Investing in log sorting capability increases log throughput and recovery. Once through the blades, multiple side pressure rollers engage the log on the outfeed, further reducing the chance of the log moving during the sawing process. Once clear of the blades, the side pressure rollers release, and the two slabs drop down, typically onto a slab cross-feed for further processing. The cant will continue straight, and be pneumatically kicked off and conveyed to the next step in the sawing process. The TV2000 is ideal for pallet mill and stud mill operations, where the product has relatively small cross-sectional dimensions. 

TV6000 Sawmilling System

The TV6000 is our larger and most robust primary breakdown twin-vertical saw. This model makes use of a heavy duty, automated infeed and outfeed system. This model can handle a high throughput of small to medium diameter logs and a maximum log length of 21.8ft (6.6 m). The main priority at this primary stage in the log breakdown process is to achieve equal open faces on the sawn cant. This allows for higher recovery down the line at the multirip or gang saw. Our twinband achieves equal open face cutting using a fast and accurate log loading system coupled with pressurized hold-down rollers and a spiked-feed chain.

Customer Stories


Nelson Wood Shims Installs Wood-Mizer Sawmill System to Drive Productivity

Nelson Wood Shims, the largest shim manufacturer in North America, recently installed an industrial sawmill system from leading wood processing equipment manufacturer, Wood-Mizer, at its state-of-the-art, high volume sawmill facility in Minnesota, USA.


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