WB2000 Industrial Sawmill

Starting at $200,000

High-performance industrial sawmill featuring a heavy-duty twin rail head construction with quad post support, 6-ton log capacity, and wideband performance with 2" or 3" wide sawmill blades.


High Performance, Professional Sawmilling

The WB2000 High-Performance Industrial Sawmill combines the increased yield of thin-kerf blade technology with the durability and reliability that high-production operations demand. Packed with high-performance features, the WB2000 includes a powerful 50HP electric motor, heavy-duty construction, low maintenance, HMI cab operated feed controls, two camera video system, and an efficient operation with precision setworks for sawing large diameter softwood, hardwood, and tropical logs. The WB2000 can be used as a standalone sawmill to fully process a log, or in addition to an existing system to process irregular logs or produce custom orders.


  • Heavy Duty Twin Rail Head Construction with Quad Post Support

  • Increased Material Drag Back Capability

  • Wideband Performance with 2" or 3" Wide Sawmill Blades

  • 6 Ton Log Capacity

  • HMI Cab Operated Feed Controls with Two-Camera Video System

Videos | WB2000 Industrial Sawmill

Features | WB2000 Industrial Sawmill

Spacious Operator Cab

Provides a comfortable working environment and clear visibility for the sawmill operator.

Control Panel and Screen

Integrated control panel with all head and hydraulic functions, and screen for the basic two camera system.

Cameras and Screen

Ensures complete oversight of the cutting process. Standard is equipped with 2 cameras and can have up to 4.

Board Return System

Includes board removal arms, chains, and shock absorbing roller.

Floor Anchored Log Clamp

Mounts to floor to remove stress from the sawmill bed. Clamps and stabilizes the log during the sawing process and used to turn cants.

Vertical Side Supports

Keeps log on the bed during loading and turning. It also ensures stability during the cutting process.

Belt Conveyor

Located at the rear of the bed. Activates automatically when the head returns. Tilt angle can be adjusted.

Power Roller

Used for positioning the log in the optimal place on the bed, and also for removing cants.

Bi-directional Chain Turner

The chain turner is used for quick log turning.

Specifications | WB2000 Industrial Sawmill

Description Imperial Metric
Electric 50HP 37kW
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 8" - 36" 20 cm - 90 cm
Max Width of Cut 35.5" 0.9 m
Max. Log Length 14' - 24.5' 4.5 m - 7.5 m
Standard Head Features
Standard SW PLC3 Setworks
  Guide Rollers
  Power Feed
  Automatic Blade Lubrication, LubeMizerHydraulic Blade Tension system with a pressure accumulator
  Operator Station integrated with the sawmill
  Power Feed and Up/Down System
  Camera monitoring System (2 pcs as Standard – only)
  Board Removal System
  Hydraulic Equipment
  Hydraulic pump - 7 HP, 10 HP or 14 HP
Options Debarker
Laser Sight
Additional cameras (max 4 pcs on one machine)
Hold Down Clamp
Bed Extensions
  Off-feed belt-conveyor
  Log Deck
Sawmill Bed Features  
S Bed:  
Length 14.8' 4.5 m
- with board removal 12.4' 3.8 m
Min. Cutting Length 4.6' 1.2 m
M Bed:    
Length 24.6' 7. 5 m
- with board removal 22.3' 6.8 m
Min. Cutting Length 4.6' 1.2 m
Length 236" 6m
Width 2", 3" 51 mm, 75 mm
Blade Wheel Dia. 31.5" 800 mm
Blade Wheel Material Cast Iron Crowned


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