WM2500 Industrial Sawmill

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Gear Up and Change Your Game with the WM2500

The WM2500 Industrial Sawmill is a game-changer tailored for peak production, operating seamlessly as a standalone primary headrig to saw pallet boards, grade or dimensional lumber or as a vital component of a complete sawmilling system. Its advanced features, such as the high-speed servo setworks and versatile log handling capabilities ensure precision, stability and operational efficiency. The versatile, robust, and powerful horizontal sawmill provides a comprehensive solution to maximize log yield and optimize log breakdown in industrial settings—the ideal choice for scaling your business. 




WM2500 Blade Wheel System

High-performance Blade Wheel Belt System 
Minimizes vibration and sawdust interference, extending blade life.

WM2500 High Speed Up/Down

High-speed Head Up/Down Servo Drive
Cuts saw head positioning time.

WM2500 Versatile Up/Down

Versatile Up/Down Range
Adjustable from 1” (25 mm) to 33” (840 mm), providing flexibility in height.

WM2500 Pantograph

Ensure cabling is secure and dust-free while minimizing cable wear during operation.

WM1000 Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Pump Unit
10 HP; 7.4 GPM.

WM2500 Electrical Box

Standalone Central Electric Box

WM2500 Operator Stand

Standalone Operator Stand

WM2500 Control Console

Operator Control Console
Includes joystick controls, presets, setworks and independent hydraulic controls.

WM2500 Metal Covers

Three-piece Blade All Metal Covers
Maintain and change the blades with ease.


Power Selections 30 HP Electric
Max Width of Cut 33"
Max Log Length 20'
Min Log Length 6'
Max Log Diameter 41"
Blade Length 196"
Blade Wheel Width 3"
Blade Wheel Diameter 24"
Blade Width 2"
1 1/2" optional
Laser 1
Board Removal Board Return System
Log Debarking Standard
Side Supports 3 Dual-Rod Side Supports
Bed Rails Roof-top Angled Bed Rails
Log Turning 2 Hydraulic Bi-directional Chain Turners
Log Clamping Bed-Mounted Dual Rod Main Log Clamp

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