Two-Drive Belted Material Conveyor

Efficiently transport material for staging or processing with the two-drive belted material conveyor. Commonly used within a pallet recycling system, this heavy-duty belt conveyor includes configurable options for length, height, and incline to fit your production layout. In addition to the two drive motors for the horizontal and incline conveyors, the conveyor also includes a control box with variable speed, on/off controls, and emergency stop. Variable speed for the horizontal conveyor is adjustable from 15-95 fpm and the incline conveyor is adjustable from 40-240 fpm to meet production demands. The length of the horizontal conveyor is available in 5' sections in 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', and 35'. The height of the incline conveyor section is adjustable from 3'5" to 4'5" with an adjustable incline angle of 16° to 22°.



2-2HP (1.5kW) Motors, 230V/60Hz 3Ph​
2-2HP (1.5kW) Motors, 460V/60Hz 3Ph​
2-2HP (1.5kW) Motors, 230V/60Hz 1Ph​

Horizontal Length 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 35' (5' modular sections)​
Incline Height 3' 5" - 4' 5"​
Incline Angle 16° - 22°​
Belt Width 15’ 3/4” (400mm)​
Belt Speed Horizontal 15-95 FPM variable
Belt Speed Incline 40-240 FPM variable

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