This unique piece is a brilliantly simple way to transfer material quickly and efficiently. After the material moves onto the rollers from the Incline Conveyor, a sensor activates an air bag which is connected to a set of inclined cross transfer rollers. The cut piece then rolls down the incline to a stop location, or onto another conveyor. Alternatively, the sawyer or other operator can activate pneumatic kickers to push the piece off the opposite side. There are no chains, gears, or motors, which makes operation simple with little maintenance. The Transfer Table can be set up for either right or left hand operation.

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

Control Panel

Control Panel
The simple control panel comes with extra cable for mounting wherever most convenient.

Pneumatic Kickers

Pneumatic Kickers
Pneumatic kickers can push slabs, cants or boards off the side of the roller deck for further handling.


Power TD2 110V 1Ph
Length 4' - 17' (1.2 - 5.2m)
Length 11' 1" - 18' 1" (3.4 - 5.5m)
Width 6'5" (2m)
Height - Inlet Side 44" (1.2m) w/ 3" (75mm) of Adj.
Height - Offbear Side 36" (910mm) w/ 3" (75mm) of Adj.
Weight 2,112 lbs (960 kg)
Shop Air Supply Regulated @ 60psi

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