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Fetch the ALL NEW 2022 Saw Dogs Calendar filled with our favorite photos of man’s best friends! Retrieve yours for a limited time while supplies last. Each month features money saving tips and savings to keep your Wood-Mizer sawmill and blades in great shape. Saw on!

Man's best friend. Trusted companion. Faithful friend. You have a shared love for the outdoors, the fresh air, and the smell of trees. Happiness is what you both feel when you are side by side. Neither of you have to say a word to feel a connection. From the first time you saw each other, you knew this was the one - a steadfast and loyal friend. Sure, some attention and a little maintenance is required from time to time, and there are those moments when you needed that debarker. Nonetheless, you can't wait to get out there and take him for a run. At the end of the day, the time together is a gift and the bond is like no other.


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