ReSharp Sawmill Blade Sharpening Service

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Wood-Mizer's ReSharp® Sawmill Blade Sharpening Service lets you spend your time sawing, not sharpening blades. Return your sawmill blades to one of our Wood-Mizer ReSharp locations and we won't just sharpen your blades - we will return them to original manufacturing standards for as little as $9 per sawmill blade.

Benefits of Wood-Mizer ReSharp

  • Spend more time sawing, not sharpening blades
  • Blades are sharpened and set to original manufacturing standards to maintain quality of cut
  • Save money by resharpening blades at a fraction of the cost of new blades
  • PLUS 15% discount on new blades with the Auto-Replace/Auto-Refill Programs

Call 800.244.4600 to setup an account!

How ReSharp Works

1. Sign Up Call ReSharp at 800.244.4600 to get your account setup.

2. Pack Up Old Blades* When your blades get dull, pack them up carefully in the box they came in. Be sure to include your name and customer number on every box you send in.

3. Ship Old Blades Apply one of the provided UPS return labels, and contact UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS. Or use your preferred shipping company.

4. Sharpened and Returned Your blades will be sharpened in the order they were received. Your account will be charged, and your receipt will return with your blades. On average, blades will return to you within 2 weeks.

5. That's Not All! Sign up for our blade Auto-Replace and Auto-Fill programs, and let us keep you topped off with sharp blades.

*All blades need to be in a box and properly secured when dropped off to a Resharp location.

Blade Sharpening

Blades are sharpened with our CBN grinders, guaranteeing perfect profiles on each tooth.

Blade Cleaning

The blades are intensely cleaned, deburred, and washed in a solvent.

Blade Setting

Wood-Mizer setters ensure high quality for the whole blade, giving you flawless cuts again.


Blades are shipped back to you like new!

Blade Replacement Programs

We try to sharpen every Wood-Mizer blade that comes in our door, however many things can happen to a blade as it goes through a log. Sometimes a blade is damaged and we are not able to sharpen it. We call these blades "rejects."

Auto Replace Program When a blade is no longer able to be sharpened, we will automatically replace the rejected blade with a new blade of the same type and will invoice you for the replacement blade along with the ReSharp blades. 15% off the new blade.

Auto Fill Program This option is used if a customer always wants to maintain a certain number of blades. We will always send back a full box, regardless of how many blades are sent in, or how many rejects they have.

Handling Rejected Blades By default, any blade that Wood-Mizer cannot resharpen will be disposed of at the ReSharp facility. If you would like the blade(s) returned, please tell us up front.

Reasons Blades Get Rejected

  • Damaged teeth
  • Bend or kink in blade
  • Cracks in blade
  • Too narrow (has been ground too many times)
  • Has been ground out of spec (Non-WM grind)
  • No Set
  • Coil Set

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