No commercial lumber operation is complete without an efficient lumber delivery system. The Wood-Mizer Green Chain will move your sawn lumber to its destination at a controlled rate. Loaded with extra features, this Green Chain is a three or four-strand, modular design that can be extended to 60' (max length may vary based on total weight of material being moved) using 10' extensions (CC7-Ext-3) and has a deck height of 33".


  • 15.7 final drive RPM @ 15 fpm deck speed

  • Channels for mounting customer provided wood floor for lumber grading

  • Left and right on-loading with end stops


Electrical Service 480V  
Amp Service 2.8 Amp  
  Length Width
Base Model
11' 3" (3.4m) 7' 2" (2.2m)
Strand Addition
11' 3" (3.4m) 3' 1" (0.9m)
3 Strand Rail Extension
10' 5" (3.2m) 7' 2" (2.2m)
Rail Assembly Strand Extension
10' 5" (3.2m) 3' 1" (0.9m)
Height 33" (.84m)
Chain 81x Rooftop Chain (side loadable)

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