How To Select a Sawmill Blade Type

How To Select a Sawmill Blade Type
Offering more than 60 bandsaw blade profiles with an extensive array of combinations based on hook angle, tooth set, width and thickness, which Wood-Mizer sawmill blade is best for you? Read More



Wood-Mizer Sawmill Blades

High Quality Bandsaw Blades

Combining decades of industry experience with more than 60 basic bandsaw blade profiles, you can count on Wood-Mizer sawmill blades for unmatched quality, accuracy, and performance across the board. Wood-Mizer produces our own sawmill blades, because we believe that using the perfect blade for your sawing application is the key to increasing production and reducing costs for your operation.  Also keep your bandsaw blades sharp with our ReSharp blade sharpening service and extensive line of sawmill blade sharpeners and tooth setters.

Most Popular

DoubleHard High-Alloy Band Sawmill Blades 

As Low As $16.47 / Blade 

DoubleHard is a durable all-purpose blade for sawing softwoods, hardwoods, knotty woods, and frozen woods.

MaxFlex Premium Band Sawmill Blades

As Low As $22.00 / Blade

MaxFlex is a premium quality all-purpose blade for use in sawing and resawing environments where ultimate flex life is desired.

SilverTip Carbon Band Sawmill Blades

As Low As $16.20 / Blade

SilverTip is an ideal blade for primary and secondary breakdown as well as for high volume sawing environments.

SilverTip Vortex™ Band Resaw/Sawmill Blades NEW

As Low As $15.89 / Blade

Wood-Mizer’s Vortex™ dust removal blade will clear the dust from your cut like no other blade on the market. This extremely unique profile has generated extraordinary results in high production pallet factory tests.

BiMetal Industrial Band Sawmill Blades

As Low As $54.00 / Blade

Bi-Metal offers a longer sawing sharp life than most carbon and high-alloy blades and is engineered for production sawing environments.

RazorTip Stellite® Band Sawmill Blades

As Low As $53.04 

RazorTip Stellite® performs very well when longer run times, excellent wear power, and multiple resharpenings are desired for tropical hardwood and even softwood sawing applications.

RazorTip Carbide Band Sawmill Blades

As Low As $87.04

RazorTip Carbide is a tough blade that stays sharper longer in the most difficult sawing conditions such as tropical hardwoods, kiln dried lumber, engineered wood, and more abrasive materials.