Blade Length Guide


Model Blade Length
Wood-Mizer LT10 144"
Wood-Mizer LT15,LT15START, LT15GO, LT28, LT35, LT40, LT50, HR120, HR130, HR300, HR500, HR700 158" 
Wood-Mizer LT40 Wide, LT50 Wide,  171"
Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE 176" 
Wood-Mizer LX450 178"
Wood-Mizer LT70/SUPER70  184" 
Wood-Mizer LT70WIDE, WM3500, WM4000, WM4500  195" 
Wood-Mizer HR1000 205"
Wood-Mizer WM1000  386" 


Model Blade Length
Baker Resaw A/AB/B/C 158"
Baker Resaw AX/ABX/BX/CX  170
Baker Resaw ABXX  178" 
Baker Resaw D  221"
Baker Resaw DX  228"
Baker Wood Buddy  132" 
Baker 18M, 18D 161"
Baker Blue Streak  208" 
Baker Dominator 240"


Hud-Son Oscar 230, 30 160"
Hud-Son Oscar 36/236/330 Pro, Farmboss 36, H-360, HFE-30, HFE-36 167"


Model Blade Length
Norwood Lumbermate 2000/LM29/MarkI-IV, LumberMan MN26, LumberLite ML26, LL24 144"
Norwood Lumbermate Pro MX, LumberPro HD36  167"


Model Blade Length
Timberking B-20  150"
Timberking 1200 158" 
Timberking 1220  165" 
Timberking 1400  170" 
Timberking 1600, 2000 173"
Timberking 200, 2400, 2500 177"


Model Blade Length
Timbery M100 132"
Timbery M280, M285 144"


Model Blade Length
Woodland HM126, HM130 144"

Vortex™ Dust Removal Sawmill Blades

Ideal for Sawdust Removal Sawing

Patent pending and trademarked for its revolutionary design, the Wood-Mizer Vortex™ dust removal blade clears the dust from your cut like no other blade on the market. Due to the extremely unique profile, Wood-Mizer Vortex™ blades have more gullet capacity which means that sawdust will continue to tumble within the gullet until it is thrown out of the cut as the blade exits the wood. Available in DoubleHard and SilverTip material, the Vortex™ blade profile is tried, tested, and proven in operations throughout the world needing clean boards off the saw. Reduce sawdust on your boards today with Vortex™ sawmill blades only available from Wood-Mizer.

Vortex BladeVortex Blade Comparison

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