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Woods to Woodshop Guide

Woods to Woodshop GuideA Step by Step Resource for Producing Lumber

This helpful guide is packed with information to provide both the hobbyist and the professional with basic, practical knowledge on how to saw and dry lumber efficiently while maximizing lumber value. We hope that you will find all the information you need to convert our valuable, renewable resource into useful and durable wood products that will last for centuries.


Inside the Guide

  • Sawmilling and Log Quality
  • Air Drying Drying Techniques
  • Kiln Drying Techniques
  • Quality Characteristics of the Drying Process
  • Measuring Moisture Content
  • Sawing Techniques
    Grade Sawing Pattern
    Grade Sawing
    Live Sawing Pattern
    Live Sawing or Slab Sawing
    Cant SAwing Pattern
    Cant Sawing