Our Mission

Wood is Beautiful. Natural. Renewable.

We believe that we can build a better world today and tomorrow for millions of people with wood. Our vision for the wood industry is that sustainable forestry and wood processing will work together to build jobs and improve communities while at the same time protecting our beautiful, natural, and renewable forest resources.

“People are very much aware of the need to conserve and maintain our forests. They realize how important it is for the environment and preserving this resource for the future. We want to play our part in that as well. Wood-Mizer has a broader mission than producing and selling machinery. We have a commitment to both our customers and the environment.” - John Smith, President and CEO

We recognize that our industry and our forests face many challenges that impact communities, economies, and the environment. These challenges are not within one company’s ability to solve, but by doing our part we are confident that we can continue to make a positive difference throughout the world.

When sustainably harvested, maintained, and replanted, wood is the planet’s most environmentally-friendly building resource in comparison to metals, plastics, and concrete. After decades of mismanagement and abuse, countries around the world are making steady improvements to enforcing healthy and sustainable forestry practices while reducing illegal logging and deforestation. Forest loss is slowing because proper forest management, care and harvesting reduces impact of forest fires, desertification, landslides, erosion, and deforestation. In addition, trees capture carbon as they grow and when the life cycle is complete, carbon can continue to be stored by processing wood into a finished product which is beneficial for our environment today and tomorrow.