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Drying Lumber with a Wood-Mizer Kiln

Drying Lumber with a Wood-Mizer Kiln

There are many advantages to drying your own lumber which is why the team from Wood-Mizer New York has started their very own kiln drying operation. The Northeast branch recently installed a Wood-Mizer KD250 Dehumidification Kiln at their location in Hannibal, NY. Kiln Specialist, Barry Kline, gave a rundown of their new lumber drying operation.  “We had a chamber built on an existing concrete pad and installed the KD250 into it,” said Barry. “The kiln is very simple and easy to operate. You just set the parameters for the dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures and let the kiln do its job."


The operation’s first load is approximately 1,700 board feet of cherry and tulip poplar. Barry says the lumber had previously been air dried for a few months so their starting Moisture Content (MC) was around 20 to 25%. “We are using a handheld moisture meter to check the MC of the lumber,” said Barry. “This lumber will be great to use for any indoor project such as cabinets, furniture, or flooring.”  In order to use the lumber indoors, the MC will need to be around 7% which should only take a few weeks.

The Wood-Mizer KD250 can dry up to 4,000 board feet of lumber, so this initial load is less than 50% of the kiln’s full drying capacity. “A kiln is a great tool to add to any lumber business because it adds value to your product,” said Barry.  “It is nice to do it in house because the lumber never has to leave your place of business and you don’t have the added expense of trucking it somewhere to be dried.” Barry also explained that adding a kiln can expand your customer-base to include woodworkers, furniture makers, and even other sawmill owners because kilns are often more difficult to find than sawmills. By adding a kiln to your lumber operation, you can maximize the value of your lumber and reach new markets.

Learn more about drying your own lumber with our FREE Introduction to Kiln Drying Guide or visit for information on Wood-Mizer’s complete line of kiln drying systems. 

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