How to Shop for a Portable Sawmill

How to Shop for a Portable Sawmill
Learn how to shop for a portable sawmill by looking at performance functions such as power, operation, and log handling. Read More


Woods to Woodshop
Get the complete guide to producing your own lumber.


Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmills

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has brought personal and portable sawmills to people all over the world who want the freedom of sawing their own lumber for projects or profits. Engineered for performance and quality, Wood-Mizer offers a complete line of 12 band sawmill models for woodworking hobbyists to full-time sawmill operators.

Manual Band Sawmills

DIY and Woodworking

Tackle big dreams with these affordable entry-level sawmills for DIY, woodworking, and homesteading projects.

LT10 Sawmill

LT10 Portable Sawmill

Simple and Sturdy Personal Sawmill
Small sawmill capable of producing big dreams for weekend sawyers on a budget. 
LT15 Sawmill

LT15 Portable Sawmill

World Standard Manual Sawmill
Compact, powerhouse sawmill able to tackle any size project or lumber demand. 
LT15WIDE Sawmill

LT15WIDE Portable Sawmill

Manual Sawmill for Wide Logs 
Designed for economically sawing wide live edge slabs for woodworking projects.

Hobby and Craftsman

Medium-level portable sawmills that are extremely versatile when you need your mill to be mobile.

LT15GO Sawmill

LT15GO Portable Sawmill

Lightweight and Incredibly Portable Mill
An overachieving sawmill on the move, all you have to do is GO.
LT28 Sawmill

LT28 Portable Sawmill

Best Value Portable Mill in Its Class
Portability and easy offbearing make this bandmill a great value.
LT35 Sawmill

LT35 Manual Portable Sawmill

High Production Portable Mill for Less
Full electronic head control and increased production at a bargain price.

Hydraulic Band Sawmills

Production and Profits

With production sawyers in mind, these hydraulic portable sawmills turn any size job into a breeze.

LT35 Hydraulic Sawmill

LT35 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

Affordable Hydraulic Portable Mill
Complete hydraulic log handling reduces labor and increases productivity for this rugged portable bandmill.
LT40 Hydraulic Sawmill

LT40 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

The Industry's Sawing Workhorse
Professional sawmill engineered to provide speed and ease of operation for sawyers who mean business.
LT40 Super Hydraulic Sawmill

LT40 Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

Profitable and Productive Portable Mill
Packed with high performance features, this productive mill is designed for sawyers who want to make money.

Sawmill Business Operators

Our most productive portable sawmills are built for lumber production and perfect for a full-time sawmill business operation.

LT50 Hydraulic Sawmill

LT50 Portable Sawmill

High Production Portable Mill
Featuring high-quality hydraulics, this rugged and reliable sawmill is ready for any challenge.
LT70 Hydraulic Sawmill

LT70 Portable Sawmill

The Pinnacle of Sawing Performance
This high-performance sawmill is for the sawyer that demands lumber production every day.
LT70 Hydraulic Sawmill

LT70SUPER Portable Sawmill

Our Fastest Portable Sawmill Ever 
Combining a powerful diesel engine with engine-powered hydraulics, this mill is faster than ever.