Sawing Logs
Understanding Lumber
Understanding Blades
Sawmill Business

Choosing a Portable Sawmill

From power and operation to log handling options, which sawmill is best for you? Learn how to choose a bandmill to fit your sawmilling needs whether you are a woodworker, forester, homesteader, farmer, or entrepreneur!

How To Choose a Portable Sawmill

Learn from an experienced sawyer on what to consider when choosing a portable sawmill.

How to Shop for a Portable Sawmill

Learn how to shop for a portable sawmill by looking at performance functions such as power, operation, and log handling.


Sawing Logs into Lumber

Learn how to mill your logs into lumber with different sawing techniques and tips such as quarter sawing, live sawing, plain sawing, winter sawing, and more!

How to Quarter Saw Lumber

Quartersawn lumber is in great demand from woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture shops, and craftsmen due to its unique grain patterns. Learn how to quarter saw your logs into lumber with a bandsaw mill.

How to Saw Logs into Lumber

There are many different sawing methods and techniques to turn logs into lumber including live sawing, cant sawing, plain sawing, grade sawing, and quarter sawing. To get you started, here is an introductory course in sawing your logs to lumber. 

How To Hire Local Sawmills

Looking for sawmills in your area? If you have storm damaged or dying trees on your property, a local sawmill owner can help turn your logs to lumber. Learn how to find and hire a sawmill service near you.


Understanding Lumber

Your lumber is cut to the dimensions you need, now see how to get your lumber grade stamped, dried, and more!

How to Get Your Lumber Grade Stamped

Learn how you can use your own lumber in permitted structures and take the next step to using or selling lumber that will meet your local requirements.


Understanding Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blade geometry and terminology can be complex. Learn how to identify different parts of a bandsaw blade, choose the best blade profile, and select the right blade type for your sawing application.

How to Increase Sawmill Blade Life

Eliminate downtime and keep sawing with these 10 helpful tips to increase your bandsaw blade life expectancy.

How To Choose a Sawmill Blade Profile

Understanding sawmill blade geometry and terminology can be complex. Here is a crash course in identifying different parts of a bandsaw blade.

How To Select a Sawmill Blade Type

Offering more than 60 bandsaw blade profiles with an extensive array of combinations based on hook angle, tooth set, width and thickness, which Wood-Mizer sawmill blade is best for you?


Starting a Portable Sawmill Business

More than half of Wood-Mizer sawmill owners make money either full-time or part-time with their mill. Jump start your portable sawmill business with these helpful hints and tips.

How to Charge for Sawing Services

Learn the three most common methods to charge for your sawmilling services including by the hour, by the board foot, and sharing finished lumber.

How To Improve Lumber Sales

Improve sales of lumber and slabs by sharing the unique story of the wood you are selling.

How to Network with Professionals

When’s the last time you talked to an architect, designer, engineer, or contractor who didn’t contact you first? Learn how talking to building professionals will help you gain customers for your sawmill business.


Start your learning with a comprehensive list of popular sawmilling terminology.

Woods to Woodshop
Get the complete guide to producing your own lumber.


Edge on Sawing
Set of 6 Educational DVDs on sawing your own lumber.



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