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Developed for the Wood-Mizer Smart Log Processing line of equipment, the TVS removes two sides of a log in one pass. The maximum log diameter that can pass through the TVS is 16", and the maximum cutting width is 9.75".

The tilted heads help maximize blade life and allow easy slab removal onto an optional cross transfer deck. The heads are designed for easy blade changes and maintenance. The proven, belted wheels and 184" blade length capitalize on blade life and maintain cutting accuracy while the industrial-grade motors provide proven performance and reduced energy costs. The TVS takes two sides off a log, which can then be passed on to the SVS (pages 46-47), and then on through the horizontal resaws to recover as much lumber as possible.

Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Chain Feed

Chain Feed
Efficient and simple chain design that is easily adjusted to maximize throughout based on log length.

Hold Downs

Spiked steel hold-down rollers keep the log in position and secure.

Open Design

Open Design
The open design allows slabs and waste to fall away from the log for further processing.

TVS Process

TVS Options

Infeed Table (8', 12', or 17' (2.4m, 3.6m, or 5.2)
Log Incline Deck
Log Ramp
Outfeed Table 8', 12' or 16' (2.4m, 3.6m, or 5.2m)
Spiky Chain Feed 8' or 12' (2.4m or 3.6m)
Flat Feed Table


15HP (11.2kW) Elec 460V/60Hz 3Ph (two motors)
Length 184" (4.67m) 
Width 1.25"-2" (32mm-50mm)
Cutting Capacity
Min. Cut Length
36" (900mm)
Max. Cut Length 12' (3.6m)
Min. Width of Cut
3.25" (70mm)
Max. Width of Cut 9.75" (250mm)
Min. Log Diameter
4" (100mm)
Max. Log Diameter 16" (400mm)
Blade Wheel
Diameter 24" (610mm)
Type Belted Cast Steel
Feed System
Feed Speed
0-65 ft/min (0-20 m/min)
Dogged Chain Speed
1.5HP (1.1 kW)
Lug Spacing
22" (559mm)
Dimensions (not including optional tables)
5' 1" (1.5m)
6' 6" (2m)
7'2" (2.2m)