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LT35 Portable Sawmill

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Gas Power Walk Along Electric Feed  32 Inch Cut

High Production at a Bargain Price

Combining full electronic head controls with manual log handling, the LT35 manual sawmill gives you many of the features of a high production Wood-Mizer sawmill, at a bargain price.

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

SimpleSet Setworks

SimpleSet Setworks & Powered Head Controls
Makes sawing fast, accurate and simple.

Blade Guide Arm

Blade Guide Arm
Easily move blade guide arm from operators position to increase accuracy.

Adjustable Outriggers

Six Adjustable Outriggers
For quick & precise bed leveling and stability.

Side Supports and Clamp

Four Side Supports & Clamp
Fully adjustable to help tightly secure logs and allow cuts within 25mm (1") of bed.

Loading Ramps

Loading Ramps
Assists in moving log onto bed.

Trailer Package

Trailer Package
Fully portable mill ready for road travel.

Family Cabin

Family cabin built by Joe Vardanega and his LT35 sawmill. See more projects like this one.


Log Capacity
810mm x 6.4m (32" x 21')
Maximum Width of Cut
580mm (23")
Production Capability
Up to .88m3/hr (375 bd ft/hr)
1,398kg (3,081 lbs)
Power Options
18.6kW (25HP) Gas
12.7kW (17HP) Diesel

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Hydraulic Log Loading Arm Kit More Info
Hydraulic Loading Arm More Info
Hydraulic Log Turner More Info
Debarker More Info
Log Deck Package More Info
Log Turner  More Info
Toeboards  More Info
Manual Winch  More Info
Fine-Adjustment Outriggers (set of six) More Info

Keep debris away from your blades without the hassle of power-washing.


Cant Hooks More Info
Log Carrier More Info
Log Arches More Info
Resaw Attachment More Info
Shingle & Lapsider  More Info 
Lathe-Mizer  More Info
Bed Extensions 1.8m, 3.6m, 7.3m (6', 12', 24') More Info
Board Outfeed Table More Info
Spare Tire More Info
Sawmill Covers  More Info 

LT35 Portable Sawmill Success Stories

Woodworker Builds Business Salvaging Trees

While working as an arborist in Colorado, Ryan Baldwin saw an opportunity to turn city trees destined for the dump into usable lumber with a portable sawmill.Read More

Caribbean Family Grows Woodworking Business with Portable Sawmill

On a small Caribbean island, a family-owned sawmilling shop is providing handcrafted wood furniture, woodworking repairs, and lumber sales to customers as far away as the United States.Read More



up to 0.82 m3/hr

810mm x 6.4m
14.1kW Gas (Upgrade Available)
Manual Crank Feed
Trailer Package (Standard)


up to 1.18 m3/hr

810mm x 6.4m
18.6kW Gas (Upgrade Available)
Electric Feed
Hydraulic Log Loading (Standard)

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