LT15WIDE Battery-Powered Portable Sawmill

Industry-first battery-powered portable sawmill with up to 8-hour run time per charge and groundbreaking features including 4 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, Smart Feed™ technology, powered up/down with quick-program setworks, powered forward/reverse with advanced head return, and optional GO trailer.

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Industry-First Battery-Powered Portable Sawmill

Charge ahead with the future of sawmilling with the LT15WIDE Battery-Powered portable sawmill! The industry"s first battery-powered portable sawmill gives sawyers an alternative power choice which is environmentally friendly and delivers consistent, reliable, and high-quality sawing performance in all weather conditions. Packed with power, groundbreaking features, and technology to optimize sawing performance, the LT15WIDE Battery-Powered portable sawmill features four to six rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, up to 8-hour run time with a 4 to 6-hour charge time, powered up/down/forward/reverse, patent-pending Smart Feed™ technology, advanced head return, quick-program setworks, and more for the modern sawyer. Similar to the widely popular LT15WIDE gas, diesel, and electric portable sawmills, the LT15WIDE Battery-Powered portable sawmill features the widest in-class cutting capacity for sawing 36" diameter logs into 35-1/2" wide boards up to 17' 8" in length with optional 6' 8" extensions for sawing longer lengths. An optional GO Trailer allows sawing logs directly on the trailer with the ability to easily hook-up and GO to your next sawing site.

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Four to Six Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

The sawmill comes standard with four rechargeable lithium-ion batteries but can run on up to five or six batteries. Each battery weighs 21 pounds, has a 1.4 kWh capacity, and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Up to 8-Hour Run Time with 4 to 6-Hour Charging

Fully-charged batteries can run the sawmill an estimated 8 hours, depending on the wood species and sawing conditions. The included 6-battery charging base allows sawyers to charge 4 batteries in under 4 hours, 5 batteries in under 5 hours, 6 batteries in under 6 hours, and is compatible with a standard wall outlet connection.

Smart Feed™ Technology

The patent-pending Smart Feed™ gauges the mill’s performance and makes automatic adjustments to optimize sawing performance. When enabled, the Smart Feed™ calculates the best feed speed for the head while sawing based on species and blade sharpness. The Smart Feed™ continuously monitors the amperage while sawing and will speed up or slow down the feed rate for best performance.

Powered Up/Down with Quick-Program Setworks

Quickly and accurately position the sawmill blade for the next cut with powered up/down controls. The quick-program setworks saves pre-set board thicknesses to control blade height while referencing quickly and accurately from the previous cut allowing the sawyer to repetitively cut the same thickness of board. In addition, there are 3 independent libraries within the setworks that allow the sawyer to hold up to 13 board thicknesses within each library for creating custom cutting programs.

Powered Forward/Reverse with Advanced Head Return

The sawmill includes powered forward/reverse joystick controls with variable forward feed speed potentiometer for ease of operation and increased production. The advanced head return includes bump return or stack return options depending on the sawyer’s preference. The “Bump Return” brings the head back for off bearing an individual board. The “Stack Return” returns the head and positions the blade for the next cut while the sawn boards remain in place to maximize production.

Powerful and Efficient Drive Motor

The main drive motor powered by the batteries is rated for continuous duty at 10HP and will increase to a maximum output of 18.75 HP dependent on sawing requirements.

Weather-Resistant Battery Compartment

The IP67 battery compartment is air-tight and weather resistant to protect batteries from dust and moisture, allowing sawyers to mill, rain or shine. Battery changes are easy with the one-piece battery cover that is secured by one fastener. To remove batteries, simply open the compartment, charge the batteries, and insert the batteries to begin sawing.

Wide In-Class Sawing Capacity

The LT15WIDE features the widest in-class sawing capacity for milling 36” diameter logs with a 35-1/2” max width of cut. With the ability to saw as precise as 1/16” with the thin-kerf sawmill blade, you can be confident that you will get the most lumber out of your logs.

Operator Presence Control and Blade Engage

Easily engage the sawmill blade by holding down the operator presence control button and pressing the blade engage switch.

Hydraulic Blade Tensioning

Keep your sawmill blades properly tensioned for longer blade life and enhanced sawing performance with hydraulic blade tensioning and hydraulic gauge.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm

Reduce blade travel and support the blade when sawing narrow and wide material with the adjustable blade guide arm.

Auto-Flow Blade Lubrication

Keep the blade cool and free of pitch, sap, and sawdust while sawing with the auto-flow blade lubrication. When the sawmill blade is engaged, water automatically applies directly to the blade from the water tank.

Two Quick-Set Log Clamps

Constructed of solid tube steel, the quick-set log clamps tightly secure logs for sawing and are adjustable up/down and in/out as material is cut. The log clamps use an acme thread screw for better durability, rust-resistant powder-coat paint, and a clamp point block for an extra grip on a round log or squared cant. Each log clamp is able to move between other cross sections and additional log clamps are available as needed.

Six Steel Adjustable Side Supports

Six durable steel side supports are adjustable up/down to stabilize logs during loading, sawing, and turning logs. Each side support is mounted on the bed and includes rust-resistant powder-coat paint for durability and heavy-duty rollers to assist with log turning. An additional built-in bed side support on each cross section eliminates the need for side supports while sawing a squared cant and allows for final cuts within 1” of the bed so you get the most usable lumber out of every log.

Optional GO Trailer

GO completely portable by adding a GO Trailer to your LT15WIDE portable sawmill. Complete with a durable steel frame, single axle, two wheels, two fenders, set of 8 adjustable outriggers, lights, and hitch, the GO Trailer for LT15WIDE portable sawmills allows sawing logs directly on the trailer with the ability to easily hook-up and GO to your next sawing site. Batteries must be removed prior to transporting the sawmill.

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Power 4 Standard (6 Max) Lithium-Ion Batteries (1.4kWh/Battery)
Battery Run Time Constant and Consistent Sawing up to 8 Hours on 6 Batteries
Battery Charge Time 4 Batteries Under 4 Hours, 5 Batteries Under 5 Hours, 6 Batteries Under 6 Hours
Battery Charging Base Provides Balanced Charge for 4, 5, or 6 Batteries in a Single Base
Battery Charging Base Connection Plugs into Standard Single-Phase (15 amp) 110 AC Wall Outlet
Battery Weight 21 Pounds/Battery
Battery Compartment IP67 Rated
Drive Motor Output 10HP (7.5kW) to 18.75HP (14kW)
Max. Log Diameter 36" (.91m)
Max. Width of Cut 35-1/2" (.90m)
Max. Length of Cut  17' 8" (5.4m)
Max. Length of Cut w/ Bed Extensions Unlimited
Bed Extensions 6' 8" (2.1m) extensions
Setworks SW-B
Sawhead Forward/Reverse Powered with Smart Feed Technology and Advanced Head Return
Sawhead Up/Down Powered with Quick-Program Setworks
Side Supports 6 Adjustable Steel
Log Clamps 2 Adjustable Steel
Bed Leveling Feet 12 Adjustable
Trailer Package Optional
Blade Tensioning Hydraulic
Blade Lubrication Auto-Flow
Blade Guide Arm Adjustable
Blade Length 176" (4.47m)
Blade Wheels 19" (482mm) Diameter Cast Iron Belted
Warranty 30-Day Money Back
2-Year Sawmill
5-Year Battery