• WM4000 Headrig
  • WM4000 Headrig

WM4500 Industrial Sawmill

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Robust, High-Performance Industrial Sawmill

As Wood-Mizer’s next generation flagship industrial sawmill, the WM4500 continues a long tradition of providing commercial sawmilling equipment solutions throughout the world. Featuring many benefits of Wood-Mizer’s world renowned industrial sawmill range, the WM4500 can be used as a primary headrig to saw pallet boards, grade or dimensional lumber or to breakdown logs for further processing. Alongside the complete range of Wood-Mizer sawmills, the WM4500 headrig capitalizes on thin-kerf blade technology to produce accurate lumber while reducing capital, material, labor, energy, and maintenance costs.


Key innovations of the WM4500 industrial sawmill include:

Sawmill Head

  • 2” Blades with Steel Wheels
  • Stronger Head, Mast, and Strain System
  • New 5HP Feed Motor and Larger Up/Down Gearbox
  • High Pressure Blade Lubrication System
  • All New Adjustable Material Drag Back
  • Longer Lasting 3” Diameter Blade Guide Rollers

Sawmill Bed

  • Improved Construction & Design for Better Durability
  • Reinforced Dual-Rod Side Supports
  • Heavy-Duty Angled Bed Rails
  • 21' Cutting Length with Board Removal
  • Off-Feed Conveyor & Roller with Suspension

The WM4500 industrial sawmill comes with a 1-year warranty and is backed by the same legendary service, quality, and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

Production Capabilities

  • Lumber - grade, dimensional, flooring, reclaimed, pallet
  • Cants/beams - pallet stock, truck mats, railroad ties, timber frame, post, fencing

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

WM4500 Dual-Rod Side Supports

3 Dual-Rod Side Supports
Reinforced dual-rod side supports stop heavy logs when loading and support material while sawing.

WM4500 Off Feed Roller Conveyer

Powered Off-Feed Conveyor and Roller
Auto power conveyor with new suspension roller to swiftly assist material flow.

WM4500 Cinch Clamps

Pull Down Cant Clamps
Comes standard with two cinch clamps to pull cant down while sawing.

WM4500 Headrig Modular Toeboards

Two Powered Taper Rollers
Up/down and forward/reverse.

WM4500 Bed Rails

Angled Bed Rails
Roof-top style bed rails reduce debris on the bed and have less hang-up when dragging off material.

WM4500 Steel Bandwheels

Steel Bandwheels
Heavy-duty wheels accomodate 2" wide blades for enhanced performance.

WM4500 Blade Guide Rollers

3" Diameter Blade Guide Rollers
Longer lasting 3" diameter blade guide rollers and 2" wide blades.

WM4500 Headrig Material Drag Back

Material Drag Back
Heavy-duty metal bars and adjustable material drag back simultaneously pull material back with head.

WM4500 Chain Log Turners

Two Hydraulic Bi-Directional Chain Log Turners
Heavy-duty, high-speed forward/reverse turners for maximum log control.

WM4500 Anchored Log Clamp

Floor Anchored Log Clamp
Mounts to floor to remove stress from the sawmill bed.

WM4500 Laser Vision

Laser Sight
With the built-in laser, the operator always knows the cut line.

WM4500 Operator Cabin

Spacious 5' x 5' Operator Cab
Provides a comfortable working environment and clear visibility for the sawmill operator.

WM4500 HMI Touchscreen

HMI Control Screen
High tech, state of the art Human Machine Interface (HMI) plus built in diagnostics.

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Sawmill Options

Air Conditioning/Heat
Right Side Log Loading
Log Deck (12' or 20')
Pressurized Lube Injection System
Incline Conveyor


30HP (22.4 kW) Elec 460V/60Hz 3Ph
Length 195" (4.95 m) 
Width 2" (51 mm)
Maximum Cutting Capacity
Log Diameter 40" (1 m)
Cut Length 22'6" (6.85 m)
Cut Length (w/ Board Removal) 21' (6.4 m)
Cut Width (Guide to Guide) 32.25" (819 mm)
Cant Width (Outer Guide to Stop Block) 30.5" (775 mm)
Clamp Width (From Stop Block) 1" - 30" (25 - 762 mm)
Throat Height (Blade to Head) 16" (405 mm)
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Output 15 GPM (57 LPM)
Motor 15HP (11.2 kW)
Blade Wheel
Diameter 25" (635 mm)
Type Balanced Steel Wheels
Feed System
Head Speed (forward) 150 ft/min (46 m/min)
Head Speed (reverse) 300 ft/min (91 m/min)
 Due to many variables, feed speed will vary
Dimensions & Requirements
Length (Bed Only) 30' (9.14 m)
Length (w/ Cab & Hyd Pump) 40' (21.19 m)
Width (Machine Only) 9'10" (3 m)
Width (w/ Cable Boom) 16' - 20' (4.9 m - 6 m)
Height (Head Only) 9'6" - 10'3" (2.9 m - 3.1 m)
Height (w/ Cable Boom) 11'2" (3.4 m)
Bed Height  37.5" (0.95 m)
Shop Air Supply  110 psi @ 16.5 cfm 
Normal Power Usage  36kVa, 43kWh
Suggested Wire Size  50' (15.24m) Max
Dust Collection Port  6" (150mm)

Sample Sawmill System Layout