Building a Wood Kiln Video Series

Building a Wood Kiln Video Series
Learn how to build a wood kiln chamber and start drying lumber in this detailed 10-part video series from Nathan Elliott and Out of the Woods Forestry. Read More


Wood Kilns

Wood-Mizer dehumidification and solar wood kilns range from 300 to 35,000 board feet capacity for drying lumber. Kiln drying lumber is a simple, cost effective method recommended for anyone who wants to increase profits by selling dried lumber. Kiln dried wood typically sells for a third more than green lumber and eliminates the need for customers to incur costs associated with drying lumber before use. The Wood-Mizer KD series of lumber kilns feature 100% corrosion resistant aluminum cabinets and specially coated dehumidification coils to ensure quality lumber drying performance and an extra-long life. The KS solar wood kiln is a simple and economical system for starting to kiln dry lumber. Download a free Introduction to Kiln Drying Guide that provides basic information on how to dry wood and the many advantages of drying your own lumber. Kiln chamber diagrams are also available. Review our complete range of lumber drying wood kilns below.

Dehumidification Wood Kilns

KD150 Dehumidification Kiln Kit

Starting at $3,895

Compact, entry-level dehumidification kiln for drying lumber between 300 and 1,000 board feet.

KD250 Dehumidification Kiln Kit

Starting at $7,695

High-quality dehumidification kiln for controlled lumber drying of 1,500 to 4,000 board feet.

KD450 Dehumidification Kiln Kit

Starting at $28,495

High-performance dehumidification kiln for producing up to 15,000 board feet of kiln dried wood.

KD550 Dehumidification Kiln Kit

Starting at $49,495

Commercial dehumidification kiln for precise controlled lumber drying up to 35,000 board feet.

Solar Wood Kilns

KS50 Solar Kiln Kit

Starting at $1,595

Cost-effective solar wood kiln for drying lumber up to 3,000 board feet.