MB100 SlabMizer Slab Flattening Mill

MB100 SlabMizer Slab Flattening Mill

Efficiently surface and flatten high-quality wood slabs up to 36” wide with the MB100 SlabMizer Slab Flattening Mill! Two adjustable material clamps and four bed spacers included. Requires at least one LT15WIDE bed section (LT15BSW) to operate or can be added to the LT15WIDE portable sawmill bed to optimize processing space.



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Base Price $9,995.00

Efficient Log Loading System for LT15 Portable Sawmills with GO Trailer
Upgrade your Wood-Mizer LT15 portable sawmill and GO Trailer with an efficient log loading system that includes a manual winch and log loading ramps. The LT15 GO Trailer Log Loading Kit will assist in loading logs on your sawmill. Easily mounted to the bed of the sawmill, the manual winch allows a single operator to load logs weighing several thousand pounds onto the sawmill bed. Simply run the winch cable over the log and hook it back to the winch. When the winch is cranked, the log rolls up the log loading ramps onto the sawmill bed and is ready for sawing!


  • Compatible with Wood-Mizer LT15 portable sawmills that include a GO Trailer package. Excludes LT15WIDE sawmills with GO Trailer.

  • Efficiently load logs on your sawmill with the manual winch and log loading ramps

  • Improve ease of operation and decrease overall operator fatigue by reducing the physical requirements to manually load logs on your sawmill