Blade Profile Gauge Set of 4

Blade Profile Gauge Set of 4

Know your Blade. Know your Profile.



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Using the perfect sawmill blade is key to increasing production, improving cut quality, and reducing costs for your operation. If you are running multiple blade profiles for different applications or species, it may be difficult to determine which blade you’ve selected for your mill or your blade maintenance equipment.

Coming in a set of 4 discs, the blade profile gauge set includes a total of 15 profiles (with hook angle and tooth spacing) to measure the profile of each blade so that you can be confident you are running the right blade on your mill or using the right CBN grinding wheel to sharpen. Simply match the hook angle on the profile gauge with the correct blade profile to always know your blade and know your profile.


Disc 1
.750” Pitch 10°/30°
.656” Pitch 12°/28°
.500” Pitch 10°/30°
Disc 2
.875” Pitch 9°/29°
.875” Pitch Turbo 7°/39.5°
.875” Pitch 7°/34°
.875” Pitch 4°/32°
Disc 3
1.250” Pitch Turbo 7°/39.5°
1.125” Pitch 13°/29°
1.125” Pitch 10°/30°
1.125” Pitch 7°/34°
Disc 4
1.000” Pitch 10°/30°
.875” Pitch 10°/30°
.875” Pitch 13°/29°
.875” Pitch Vortex 10°/30°