LT15 Portable Sawmill

Compact, versatile sawmill with crank feed, gas/diesel/electric power, 28 inch log diameter, 17 foot 8 inch log length and production up to 320 bf/hr.



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World Standard Manual Stationary Sawmill

Start sawing logs into lumber with the compact, powerhouse LT15 portable sawmill - the world standard in manual stationary sawmills! Designed for hobbyists, small businesses, and timber framers, the LT15 is an extremely popular and versatile sawmill known throughout the world for being easy to operate and producing high quality lumber.



Loaded and turned manually with a cant hook, logs are secured onto the bed by six side supports and two fully adjustable log clamps that tightly clamp the log and allow for cuts within 1” of the bed. To prepare for cutting, head height is precisely positioned by a quick turn of the up/down dial and the blade is effortlessly engaged with a handle. Cutting is accomplished by steadily advancing the sawmill head along the length of the log by turning a low maintenance, hand-crank feed system which runs on a rope instead of a cable. A power feed is available as an optional upgrade. Once the cut is completed, the head is raised up, pulled back, and lowered into position for the next cut. A water tank feeds lubrication directly to the blade to improve cutting performance and keep the blade clean. The adjustable blade guide arm keeps the blade well supported while cutting various sized material.


  • 28" max log diameter with 26" max width of cut
  • 17' 8" length of cut or unlimited with 6' 8" bed extensions
  • Add a trailer package for portability
  • Easy shipping and assembly
  • Built in the USA

Popular Options

  • Power feed improves cut quality and ease of operation
  • 6' 8" bed extensions can be added to saw longer lengths (no practical limit)
  • Trailer package for portability includes durable steel frame, single axle, two wheels, two fenders, set of 6 adjustable outriggers, lights, and hitch
  • Pro package includes anti-rollback log loading ramps, cant hook, and taper wedge


The LT15 sawmill ships on a single pallet, comes with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade, and requires minimal assembly time so you can start sawing within a few hours of receiving your sawmill. With a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year sawmill warranty, the LT15 sawmill is backed by the same level of service, quality and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

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Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

LT15 Crank Feed

Crank Feed
Low maintenance, hand-crank feed system steadily advances saw head through the log.

LT15 Head Up/Down

Head Up/Down 
Quick turn of the handle moves saw head up/down 2” for each full rotation or 1/16” for each notch.

Sits Low to Ground

Low Bed Profile
Since the mill sits low to the ground, minimal lifting of logs is required.

Log Clamps

Two Log Clamps 
Fully adjustable to tightly clamp log and allow cuts within 1" of bed.

Six Side Supports

Six Side Supports 
Logs are supported on the bed by six adjustable side supports, three with heavy-duty rollers to assist with log turning.

Easy Shipping and Assembly

Easy Shipping and Assembly 
Ships on a single pallet. Estimated 2-4 hours assembly time with included assembly video.

Easy Sawing

The first cuts are made across the top of the log.

The first cuts are made across the top of the log.

Flip log 180° onto the flat side and saw.

Flip log 180° onto the flat side and saw.

Rotte log 90° to cut the 3rd side.

Rotate log 90° to cut the 3rd side.

Saw the last side to square the log into a four-side cant.

Saw the last side to square the log into a four-side cant.

Rotate the cant to produce the maximum amount of lumber.

Rotate the cant to produce the maximum amount of lumber.

Edge boards by sawing the rough edge off.

Edge boards by sawing the rough edge off.



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Cutting Capacities
Log Length 17' 8"(5.4m) or no limit
Log Diameter 28" (711mm)
Production Rates up to 320 bd ft/hr
Feed System Hand Crank (power feed optional)
Up/Down Hand Crank
Product Dimensions
Length 20' 4" (6.2m)
Width 6' 3" (1.9m)
Height (max head position) 6' 3" (1.9m) 
Weight (with heaviest power options) 1,200 lbs (544kg) 
Blades  .042" (1mm) thick x 1.25" (32mm) wide x 158" (4.01m) long
Bed Extension  Unlimited 6' 8" sections 
Blade Lubrication  Water lube - manual valve 
Warranty / Money Back Guarantee  2 yr / 30 Day 


LT15 Pro Package

LT15 Pro Package
The pro package includes anti-rollback log loading ramps, cant hook and log taper wedge for easy log handling.


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LT15 Power Feed

LT15 Power Feed
Convert your LT15 manual crank feed system to power feed with 12 volt feed control.

Price Varies

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LT15 Bed Section

LT15 6' 8" Bed Extension
These bolt together bed sections can be added to the LT15 sawmill to cut longer lengths. (No practical limit.)


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LT15 Bed Section

MP100 Log Moulder Attachment for LT15 Sawmills
Perfect for custom builders, craftsman, woodworkers, and small sawmill operations, the MP100 is a specialized molder head that planes and molds beams and columns that join together perfectly. Once you have squared up a log, you are ready to let the log molder/planer do the rest.


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LatheMizer Attachment for LT15 Sawmill

LatheMizer Attachment
Make columns or posts with 3, 4, 6, or 8 sides or perfectly round. The Lathe-Mizer® is also a perfect tool for the woodworker who wants to get into more specialized projects.


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Resaw Attachment
Mounted to the sawmill bed, the resaw attachment can make two boards from one in a single pass.


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LT15 GO Trailer

LT15 Trailer Package
Add this option to your existing LT15 Sawmill to make it completely portable. The sawmill is mounted and operated on the trailer so it is always ready to go when you are.


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LT15 Sawmill Head Cover

LT15 Sawmill Head Cover
Don’t risk rust. The LT15 carriage cover is made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material.


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LT15 Engine Cover

LT15 Sawmill Engine Cover
Don’t risk rust. The LT15 engine cover is made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material.


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LT15 Console Cover

LT15 Sawmill Console Cover
Don’t risk rust. The LT15 console cover is made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material and is designed to protect the power feed controls.


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LT15 Log Clamp

LT15 Log Clamp
Easily positioned, zinc plated clamp for securing logs.


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Shingle Lapsider Attachment for LT15 Sawmill

Shingle and Lapsider
Save money by making your own shingles and lap-siding right on your sawmill.


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30-Day Money-back Sawmill Guarantee30-Day Money-back Sawmill Guarantee*
It's as simple as it sounds. Use your new sawmill and, if you are not completely satisfied, you may return it within 30 days after delivery for a full refund of your purchase price. For LT70, LT50, LT40, LT35 and LT28 customers, we ask that you participate in the free sawmill training that we provide. For LT10 and LT15 customers, we ask that you watch the provided training video.


Two-Year Limited WarrantyTwo-Year Limited Warranty 
All Wood-Mizer sawmills, resaws and edgers are warranted against defective workmanship and materials for two (2) years. You can count on Wood-Mizer to stand behind our products and make good on every promise.


Support PackOwner's Manual & Support Pack 
Wood-Mizer gets you started off right with the industry’s most comprehensive owner’s manual and support materials. Every new customer receives a complete set of manuals, some basic supplies for starting your business, a coupon for free blade sharpening, and two hats!


Two-Year Limited WarrantyThe Wood-Mizer Way 
When you join our family of owners, we stay in touch with our customer magazine, The Wood-Mizer Way. It highlights customers and their projects along with helpful sawing tips, technical advice and even contests for customers to showcase their achievements.


New Sawmill TrainingFree Phone Support
Whether you need technical advice, parts ordering, or troubleshooting, Wood-Mizer customer service can help. Call us Monday-Saturday and talk to experts in electrical, hydraulics, and power plants.


New Sawmill TrainingField Service
Wood-Mizer offers field service in various locations throughout the year. These stops are a great opportunity to schedule maintenance, add accessories and options, or upgrade your mill. Learn More
Field service charge, labor rates, parts, and taxes apply. 

*Refund does not include used blades and damaged parts. The buyer is responsible for returning the sawmill to Wood-Mizer and there is a limit of one return per customer.

Filled with product information, specifications, and shopping tools, our 60 page all product catalog will help you find the sawmill equipment that best fits your needs. Please provide us with your contact information so we can send you a free catalog today!

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