LT15 Portable Sawmill

World’s most popular LT15 portable sawmill with 19HP or 25HP gas, 10HP or 17HP diesel, or 10HP electric power, 28 inch log diameter, 26 inch width of cut, 17 foot 8 inch log length, optional saw head power feed, optional bed extensions, optional GO trailer, and more for a portable sawmill that is versatile, reliable and trusted throughout the world.



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Base Price $10,595.00
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Built in the USA   30-Day Guarantee   2-Year Warranty

$400 Down Financing As Low As $270/Month†


World's Most Popular LT15 Portable Sawmill Built in the USA

The LT15 portable sawmill features a cutting capacity for sawing 28" diameter logs into 26" wide boards up to 17' 8" in length with optional 6' 8" extensions for sawing longer lengths. Built in the USA with premium quality steel and industrial-grade powder coat paint, the LT15 adds durability with a steel box bed frame and features gas, diesel, or electric sawmill options, a quick up/down sawhead, gravity-fed blade lubrication, steel side supports, steel log clamps, optional saw head power feed, optional GO trailer, and more for a portable sawmill that is versatile, reliable and trusted throughout the world.

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Features | LT15 Portable Sawmill

Large In-Class Cutting Capacity

The LT15 features a large in-class cutting capacity for sawing 28” diameter logs into 26” wide boards up to 17’ 8" in length. Optional 6’ 8" bed extensions for sawing longer lengths are available with no practical limit. With the ability to saw as precise as 1/16” with the thin-kerf sawmill blade, the log clamp and built in bed side support allow for final cuts within 1” of the sawmill bed so you get the most usable lumber out of every log.

Reliable Gas, Diesel, or Electric Sawmill

Reliable power options are available including 19HP gas, 25HP gas, 10HP diesel, or 17HP diesel engines for sawing outdoors and a 10HP electric bandsaw mill motor for sawing indoors in a garage or workshop. The powerful and dependable Kohler Command Pro gas engines feature Quad-Clean™ all-season four-stage cyclonic air filter for effective engine protection even in tough and dirty sawing conditions. In addition, performance-driven features include a forged-steel crankshaft, electronic ignition and cast-iron cylinder liner for professional grade power and performance. Plus, a large-capacity fuel tank means more time sawing and less time refueling. Each Kohler engine includes a 3-year commercial limited warranty.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm and Blade Engage

Reduce blade travel and support the blade when sawing narrow and wide material with the adjustable blade guide arm. Engage the sawmill blade with one handle that engages the mechanical clutch and throttles the engine at the same time. Keep the blade cool and free of pitch, sap, and sawdust while sawing with the gravity-fed blade lubrication that applies directly to the blade.

Quick Sawhead Up/Down

Quickly and accurately move the sawhead up and down to prepare for sawing with the crank handle. Easily turn the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the blade depth 2” for each full rotation or 1/16” for each notch to prepare for the next cut. A log scale is also included for sawing 8/4”, 6/4”, 5/4”, 4/4”, and 3/4” lumber.

Two Quick-Set Log Clamps

Constructed of solid tube steel, the quick-set log clamps tightly fasten logs for sawing and are adjustable up/down and in/out as material is cut. The log clamps use an acme thread screw for better durability, rust-resistant powder-coat paint, and a clamp point block for an extra grip on a round log or squared cant. Each log clamp is able to move between other cross sections and additional log clamps are available.

Six Steel Adjustable Side Supports

Six durable steel side supports are adjustable up/down to stabilize logs during loading, sawing, and turning logs. Three side supports include heavy-duty rollers to assist with turning logs. Each side support is mounted on the bed and includes rust-resistant powder-coat paint for durability. An additional built-in bed side support on each cross section eliminates the need for adjustable side supports while sawing a squared cant and allows for final cuts within 1” of the bed.

Adjustable Bed Leveling Feet

Twelve adjustable bed leveling feet are included with every LT15 sawmill for simple leveling of the bed. Additional LT15 bed extensions also include adjustable feet to help keep your sawmill bed level at any sawing length.

Proudly Built in the USA

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer portable sawmills have been proudly Built in the USA at our factory in the heart of the Midwest. Premium quality steel is cut, formed, welded, painted with industrial-grade powder-coat paint, and quality checked before leaving our factory.

Easy Shipping and Assembly

The LT15 portable sawmill ships on a single pallet, comes with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade, and requires minimal assembly time so you can start sawing within a few hours of receiving your sawmill.

Optional GO Trailer

GO completely portable by adding the LT15 GO Trailer to your LT15 portable sawmill. Complete with a durable steel frame, single axle, two wheels, two fenders, set of 6 adjustable outriggers, lights, and hitch, the LT15 GO Trailer allows sawing logs directly on the trailer with the ability to easily hook-up and GO to your next sawing site.

$400 Down Financing with Low Monthly Payments

Start sawing lumber for only $400 Down with Wood-Mizer financing! $400 Down includes equipment and applicable freight, taxes, blades, parts, and accessories. APPLY TODAY!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Warranty

With a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year sawmill warranty, the LT15 portable sawmill is backed by the same level of service, quality and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment. Whether you need technical advice, parts ordering, or troubleshooting, our Customer Service team is available to help. Call 800.525.8100 Monday – Saturday and talk to the experts.


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>*All prices and savings in U.S. dollars. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Shipping or delivery not included. Trailer-mounted mills require delivery or pick up from Wood-Mizer location. Some assembly may be required. Free shipping available on select products in contiguous U.S. only. Free shipping offer is based on location and cannot be redeemed for cash.

† Estimated payments are for the equipment only and based on no money down with 60 month terms, $400 down with 48 month terms, or $400 down with 24 month terms for qualified buyers through Wood-Mizer or CIT. Other financing options may also be available through Wood-Mizer or CIT for those not qualified for these special rates. Visit or call for assistance and terms.


Cutting Capacities
Log Length 17' 8"(5.4m) or no limit
Log Diameter 28" (711mm)
Production Rates up to 320 bd ft/hr
Feed System Hand Crank (power feed optional)
Up/Down Hand Crank
Product Dimensions
Length 20' 4" (6.2m)
Width 6' 3" (1.9m)
Height (max head position) 6' 3" (1.9m) 
Weight (with heaviest power options) 1,200 lbs (544kg) 
Blades  .042" (1mm) thick x 1.25" (32mm) wide x 158" (4.01m) long
Bed Extension  Unlimited 6' 8" sections 
Blade Lubrication  Water lube - manual valve 
Warranty / Money Back Guarantee  2 yr / 30 Day 


LT15 GO Trailer

LT15 GO Trailer Package
Go completely portable by adding the LT15 Go Trailer to your LT15START or LT15 Sawmill. Complete with a durable steel frame, single axle, two wheels, two fenders, set of 6 adjustable outriggers, lights, and hitch, the LT15 Go Trailer allows sawing logs directly on the trailer with the ability to easily hook-up and GO to your next sawing site.


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LT15 Power Feed

LT15 Power Feed
Improve cut quality and ease of operation by converting your Wood-Mizer LT15, LT15GO, or LT15WIDE sawmill manual crank feed into an efficient and simple-to-use power feed system with variable forward speed control.

Starting at $1,295

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LT15 Bed Section

LT15 6' 8" Bed Extension
Extend the cutting length of your Wood-Mizer LT15 model sawmill with 6’ 8” bed extensions. Each bed extension includes two side supports, one side support roller, and four adjustable leveling feet.


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LT15 Pro Package

LT15 Pro Package
The pro package includes anti-rollback log loading ramps, cant hook and log taper wedge for easy log handling.


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LT15 Bed Section

MP100 Log Moulder Attachment for LT15 Sawmills
Perfect for custom builders, craftsman, woodworkers, and small sawmill operations, the MP100 is a specialized molder head that planes and molds beams and columns that join together perfectly. Once you have squared up a log, you are ready to let the log molder/planer do the rest.


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LatheMizer Attachment for LT15 Sawmill

LatheMizer Attachment
Make columns or posts with 3, 4, 6, or 8 sides or perfectly round. The Lathe-Mizer® is also a perfect tool for the woodworker who wants to get into more specialized projects.


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Resaw Attachment
Mounted to the sawmill bed, the resaw attachment can make two boards from one in a single pass.


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LT15 Sawmill Head Cover

LT15 Sawmill Head Cover
Don’t risk rust. The LT15 carriage cover is made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material.


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LT15 Engine Cover

LT15 Sawmill Engine Cover
Don’t risk rust. The LT15 engine cover is made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material.


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LT15 Console Cover

LT15 Sawmill Console Cover
Don’t risk rust. The LT15 console cover is made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material and is designed to protect the power feed controls.


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LT15 Log Clamp

LT15 Log Clamp
Easily positioned, zinc plated clamp for securing logs.


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Shingle Lapsider Attachment for LT15 Sawmill

Shingle and Lapsider
Save money by making your own shingles and lap-siding right on your sawmill.


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