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LT40WIDE Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

Starting at $37,990

Free Pickup at a Wood-Mizer location! Available within 20 to 22 weeks.

Professional hydraulic portable sawmill with complete hydraulic log handling, powered head controls, SimpleSet setworks, auto clutch, gas/diesel power, 36” log diameter, 34" width of cut, 21’ log length, and production up to 550 bf/hr.

Financing As Low As $729/Month†

Extend Sawmill Blade Life with optional Debarker

Professional Hydraulic Portable Sawmill with SimpleSet Powered Head Controls

Engineered for performance with complete hydraulic log handling, easy-to-use powered saw head controls (forward/reverse & up/down), and SimpleSet Setworks, the LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill provides speed and ease of operation for production-minded sawyers. Popular options including Accuset2 Setworks, Stationary Command Control, and Debarker make the LT40 a solid production mill with opportunity to upgrade as your sawmilling needs grow. The LT40 hydraulic is completely portable and ready for road travel with a standard single axle trailer and electric brakes. Six adjustable outriggers allow for quick set-up and simple leveling of the bed prior to sawing. The patented open side of the LT40 hydraulic sawhead allows for minimal leveling during set-up, easy off-bearing with the trapezoid shaped bed, and sawing of odd shaped logs.


Loaded and turned hydraulically with loading arms and a steel claw turner, logs are secured onto the bed by four side supports (two hydraulically controlled) and a heavy-duty hydraulic log clamp. Two hydraulic roller toeboards assist with precise leveling of the log on the bed for tapered logs. SimpleSet Setworks and powered head controls position the saw head height to prepare for sawing. With SimpleSet, sawyers can program two exact board thicknesses and SimpleSet will automatically move the head into position for the next cut while referencing from the previous cut in order to produce lumber more quickly and accurately. Optional Accuset2 Setworks are available to calculate board thickness and reposition the sawing head for optimal accuracy and yield. Once the blade is engaged with an auto clutch toggle switch, the saw head advances through the log with the power feed control that includes variable speed for optimal sawing control. Once the cut is completed, the saw head is raised and reversed by the powered saw head controls and positioned for the next cut. A water tank feeds lubrication directly to the blade to improve cutting performance and keep the blade clean. An optional debarker helps extend blade life between sharpenings by clearing a ¼” wide path in front of the sawmill blade’s cut entry. The adjustable blade guide arm keeps the blade well supported while cutting various sized material. Blade tension is easily adjusted, and keeps the blade at the proper tension for cutting.

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  • 36" max log diameter with 34" max width of cut and 21' length of cut

  • Complete hydraulic log handling (log loading arms, toeboards, claw log turner, log clamp, and two side supports)

  • Powered saw head up/down & forward/reverse

  • SimpleSet Setworks allows two pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately control blade height while referencing from the previous cut

  • Standard trailer with patented cantilever design and trapezoid shaped bed

  • Built in the USA

Popular Options

  • Accuset2 Setworks allows 16 pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately calculate and control blade height while referencing from the previous cut or desired finished product. Operates in five control modes and includes on-board diagnostics.

  • Debarker removes dirt and bark from the blade path for longer blade life

  • Fine-adjustment outriggers for precise bed leveling and stability in the most uneven setups

  • Stationary command control eliminates standard walk-along controls by placing the operator at a fixed location at the front of the sawmill to control all head and hydraulic bed functions

  • 6' , 12' , or 24' bed extensions can be added to saw longer lengths (45' max length of cut)

The LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill comes fully assembled with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade. Free one-on-one sawmill training by an experienced service representative is included during your Wood-Mizer location pick up or home delivery. With a 30-day money back guarantee, 2-year sawmill warranty, and 5-year chassis warranty, the LT40 hydraulic is backed by the same level of service, quality and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

SimpleSet Setworks & Powered Head Control
Power up/ down & forward/ reverse.

Powered Head Controls

Auto Clutch
Engage blade with a toggle switch.

Hydraulic Loading Arms
Lifts log onto bed.

Hydraulic Toeboards
For precise log leveling.

Hydraulic Log Turner
Turning a log or cant for the next cut is easy.

Hydraulic Clamp & Two Hydraulic Side Supports
Secure and stabilize the log.


Stationary Command Control with Accuset 2 Setworks †† More Info
Debarker More Info
Operator Seat  More Info
Fine-Adjustment Outriggers (Set of six)  More Info
LubeMizer More Info
Two Additional Hydraulic Side Supports  

†† Only available with new sawmill purchase.


Resaw Attachment More Info
Shingle & Lapsider  More Info 
Lathe-Mizer  More Info
Bed Extensions (6', 12', or 24') More Info
Board Outfeed Table More Info
Spare Tire More Info
Sawmill Console Covers More Info
Sawmill Engine Covers More Info
Sawmill Head Covers  More Info 


Power Selections

26.5HP Gas
38HP Gas
35HP Diesel

Max. Log Diameter 36"
Max. Width of Cut 34"
Max. Depth of Cut 10-1/2"
Max. Length of Cut  21'
Max. Length of Cut w/ Bed Extensions 45'
Bed Extensions 6', 12', or 24' Bed Extensions
Max. Log Weight 4,400 lbs
Sawhead Forward/Reverse 12V Power Feed
Sawhead Up/Down

Electric with SimpleSet Setworks
Accuset2 Setworks Optional

Side Supports 2 Hydraulic & 2 Manual
Log Clamps 1 Hydraulic
Bed Leveling Feet 6 Adjustable Outriggers
Trailer Package Standard
Blade Lubrication 5 Gal. Water Tank with Automatic Flow
LubeMizer®- Optional
Blade Guide Arm Adjusted with Control Switch
Blade Engagement Auto Clutch
Blade Length 158"
Wide - 171"
Blade Wheels 19" Diameter Belted Wheels
Paint Finish Powder Coat
Design Cantilever
Machine Weight 3,900 lbs
Shipment Weight 3,900 lbs

30-Day Money Back
2-Year Sawmill
5-Year Chassis

Country of Manufacture USA

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