Wood-Mizer Introduces High-Performance MR200 Gang Saw

Wood-Mizer introduces the MR200 Gang Saw engineered to significantly reduce the amount of work and time needed to rip cants into boards. Designed for both pallet and lumber operations, the MR200 Gang Rip Saw joins the Wood-Mizer line of high-performance sawmill and pallet production equipment that is available and supported through their established worldwide network.

Capable of ripping cants up to 21” (540mm) wide and up to 7-3/4” (200mm) thick, the MR200 Gang Rip Saw features a compact footprint without sacrificing capacity. Featuring two height adjustable arbors, the MR200 can be equipped with up to 12 circular saw blades on each arbor with a maximum of 18” (460mm) between outer sawblades, significantly speeding up the cant rip sawing operation. Three driven press rollers on both the infeed and outfeed are located close to the saw blades for sawing cants as short as 28” (700mm) and the heavy-duty modular infeed and outfeed tables provide an unlimited cant length capacity with additional 6’ 8” (2m) tables.

Feed speed is adjustable from 5 - 50fpm (1.5 - 15m/min), and the centralized control panel has two separate sets of controls for managing each arbor individually to attain optimal feed speed, energy use, and production. The MR200 is powered by two 20HP (15 kW), 25HP (18.5 kW), 30HP (22 kW) or 40HP (30 kW) motors with ammeters on the control panel monitoring the load of each motor.

Other features include a laser line and infeed assist roller for precise alignment and efficient feeding of cants, an optional built-in chipper to prevent unnecessary downtime to clear out sawdust from the machine, and built in forklift pockets allow for easy handling of the machine for layout flexibility.

“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing the best sawmill equipment for high-production operations throughout the world,” said Luke Murray, Wood-Mizer Industrial Product Manager. “The MR200 provides lumber and pallet operations compact and versatile gang rip saw for increased productivity.”

MR200 Gang Saw Features
•    Two Adjustable Arbors with up to 12 Saws Per Arbor
•    Three Driven Press Rollers on Infeed and Outfeed for Effortless Feeding of Cants
•    Control Panel with Individual Controls for Each Arbor
•    Laser Line for Precise Gang Sawing
•    Optional Built-in Chipper

The Wood-Mizer MR200 Gang Saw is now available worldwide. Contact your local Wood-Mizer Representative to order. For more information, visit 

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