Wood-Mizer Sawmill Blades and Blade Maintenance

Wood-Mizer is the only sawmill manufacturer that also produces our own sawmill blades, because we believe that using the perfect blade for your sawing application is key to increasing production and reducing costs for your operation. Combining years of industry experience with more than 60 basic bandsaw blade profiles, our ReSharp blade sharpening service, and an extensive line of blade maintenance equipment including sawmill blade sharpeners and tooth setters, you can count on Wood-Mizer sawmill blades and blade maintenance solutions.

High-alloy, all-purpose, durable bandsaw blade for most sawing applications.

Premium all-purpose bandsaw blade made with specialized alloy for longer blade flex life and increased durability.

Carbon bandsaw blade ideal for primary and secondary breakdown.


Heavy-duty industrial bandsaw blade for production sawing. Provides a longer sawing blade life.

Specialized-tipped bandsaw blade for cutting abrasive, kiln-dried, tropical, specialty, and other tough wood.

Sharpening Your Sawmill Blades

Blade Maintenance Equipment

Wood-Mizer manufactures a professional line of sawmill blade sharpeners and tooth setters to help you maintain your own bandsaw blades so they deliver maximum performance.

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Wood-Mizer ReSharp Program

For hassle-free sharpening at a reasonable price, return your genuine Wood-Mizer sawmill blades to one of our Wood-Mizer ReSharp blade sharpening facilities.

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