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How To Unfold or Uncoil Sawmill Blades

How to unfold sawmill blades and how to uncoil sawmill blades refer to the same action. Different sources will use this terminology interchangeably. Because portable sawmill blades are typically folded or coiled for easier storage and handling, sawmill blades need to be unfolded or uncoiled before installing on a portable sawmill or band resaw. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection in addition to keeping others at a safe distance whenever handling sawmill blades.



1. Hold the three-loop coil in your right hand.

Unfold Sawmill Blades

2. Find the loop that creates a figure eight shape and pull it downward with your left hand.

Unfold Sawmill Blades Step 1

3. When you do so, the top two loops will form a cross shape.

Unfold Sawmill Blades Step 2

4. Hold whichever loop is on top with your right hand and hold the other loop with your left hand.

Unfold Sawmill Blades Step 3

5. Hold the blade out and away from your body. Slowly move your hands apart while rotating your forearms down and outward to fully unfold or uncoil the blade.

Unfold Sawmill Blades Step 4

6. Your sawmill blade is successfully uncoiled.

Unfold Sawmill Blades Step 5


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