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How To Change a Sawmill Blade

Understanding how and when to change your sawmill blades will result in better overall sawing performance and longer blade life. When operating a band sawmill, a general rule is to replace the sawmill blade with a sharpened one on average every 2 hours of cutting. In the case of cutting dirty wood, this time will be shorter.

Changing sawmill blades is safest when done by one person. Remember to always disengage the blade and shut off the sawmill engine before changing the blade. In addition, wear gloves and eye protection while keeping others at a safe distance when handling sawmill blades.

1. Turn the blade tension handle until the wheel is pulled in and the blade is loose in the blade housing.

Tension Sawmill Blade

2. Open both blade housing covers.

Open Housing Covers

3. Lift the blade out of the blade housing.

Lift Blade Out of Housing

4. Install the new blade while making sure the teeth are pointing in the correct direction. The teeth should be pointing towards the sawdust discharge chute of the sawmill.

Install New Blade

5. Position 1-1/4” wide blades on the wheels so the gullet is 1/8” (3mm) out from the edge of the blade wheel.

Place Blades on the Wheel

Edge of the Blade Wheel

6. Close the blade housing covers.


7. Use the tension handle to tension the sawmill blade correctly.


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