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Manufacturing Rustic Furniture in Rio Grande, Brazil

Manufacturing Rustic Furniture in Rio Grande, Brazil

In the region of Gramado, a municipality located in the mountain range of Rio Grande do Sul and the third most visited destination by tourists in Brazil, there is a prominent global furniture manufacturing center. The charm of the region is not only in its tourist and commercial attractions, but also in its natural beauty. The picturesque rural area is filled with beautiful Brazilian pine (Araucaria) trees and lush landscapes.

The development of the local economy promoted growth of the furniture manufacturing sector in the region, marked by Gaucho traditionalism and European tendencies, thus generating the production of handmade rustic furniture.



In the past, the ups and downs of the Brazilian economy constantly affected the prosperity of the region. The fall in exports in the 1930s caused many promising companies to go bankrupt. Some companies disappeared from the market, but the strong legacy built by furniture manufacturers remained. “That’s how life should be, right? If we don’t do what we like, we don’t enjoy it,” Adriano stated.

Since childhood, Adriano Fuhr watched and helped his father work in a furniture factory, which sparked his interest in woodworking from a young age. The economic situation faced by the country at that time prevented the continuation of the company, forcing the family to replace their business with another one that would provide greater stability.

Adriano grew up in the rural area of the Gramado region, among acres of land that the family used for agriculture and fishing with friends. Years later, driven by his desire to have his own business, he embraced his childhood passion and returned to work with wood, by opening a turnery and acquiring a Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill.



Today, the sawmill is kept in a specially made classic wooden shed next to the lake he fished in growing up. The sawmill works to satisfy the demands of furniture companies in the region, who outsource some of their parts. Adriano works both as a sawyer and in the turnery with a passion and love for working with wood.

After nearly two years sawing trunks of pine and eucalyptus, Adriano acquired the necessary experience to carry out his dream to create his own rustic furniture.

When asked, Adriano said with humility that the sawmill gave him much more than he imagined at first, surpassing his expectations. Thanks to his new profession, he can take advantage of the extra wood, little by little, transforming it into new, handcrafted, rustic pieces. “Sometimes we have leftover wood,” shared Adriano. “I see what can be beautiful, what could be used in a rustic piece of furniture, and this is how I piece together the puzzle."



Creativity has no limits and leads to pieces of authentic beauty – whether in the form of a table, chair, desk or other utensils such as cutlery, meat and sausage boards, wooden ornaments and more. The attention to detail and rustic character of the products make them true works of art.

Artisanal furniture creation is unique and exciting, a diversion that Adriano enjoys in his spare time. Currently, Adriano does not publicize his work, since its diffusion would lead to greater demand, forcing the modest artist to professionalize something that is meant to be a hobby.



"Making a table would take me about two days if I devoted all my time to it,” shares Adriano. “As the work requires finding the right material, making a perfect piece of furniture without compromise can take a long time.” Sitting in his nook, the beautiful landscapes and inherent simplicity to the way of life in the region is a source for inspiration in creating furniture endowed with great presence and peculiarity. While many companies don’t salvage the remaining wood and concentrate only on the pieces that fit their furniture production demands, the initiative for its reuse starts precisely with the person who cuts it and recognizes the value in that small piece of material. The creation of rustic furniture highlights the beauty of the rural environment and the concept of sustainability in its simplest form: to take advantage of our natural resources.


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