Sawmills for Sustainability

Sawmills produce a variety of sustainable wood products from your own natural resource - trees. With the ability to saw logs on-site, storm fallen or damaged trees on your property can be salvaged for lumber which reduces costs and emissions from transportation whenever you need building materials. Lumber isn’t the only valuable product from a log that sawyers utilize — byproducts, such as slabs for heating homes and sawdust for animal bedding, prove valuable as well for hobby farms and homesteads. 

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DIY and Homesteading Success Stories

Farming and Sawmilling in the Swiss Alps

Heini Hutter uses a personal sawmill to make lumber for repairs and improvements around his mountain farm in Switzerland.Read More

Vermont Sawyer Builds 3-Story Timber Frame Barn

On a 175-acre farm in central Vermont, Ben Falk needed a barn to serve as a research center and host site for permaculture courses and other educational workshops.Read More


Easy on the Environment

Wood-Mizer thin kerf

A new introduction to the sawmill industry by Wood-Mizer was the use of thin blades to cut lumber. This is called "thin-kerf", kerf being the amount of wood removed by the blade. Conventional circular mills and wide alaskan chainsaw mills use thick blades that remove upwards of a quarter inch of wood every pass. (In the diagram, see how thin the kerf is from Wood-Mizer blades on the log to the right, compared to the wider kerf on the left.) Wood-Mizer ultilizes blades that only remove less than 1/10th"! A Wood-Mizer sawmill will produce approximately 20-30% more boards per log than conventional or alaskan chainsaw mills, giving you more usable lumber from your valuable trees.




Wood-Mizer and their thin-kerf portable sawmills provide tangible environmental benefits:

  • More Accurate Boards - Less Sawdust
  • Lower Horsepower - Less Fuel
  • Smaller, Stronger Engines - Less Emissions
  • Hundreds of sawmill donations to missionaries
  • Educational programs through training events
  • Portability - Smaller roads, less waste

What we were called to do

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How To Choose a Portable Sawmill

How To Choose a Portable Sawmill
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