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Applying for the Pro Sawyer Network

Get ready for some exciting opportunities! The Pro Sawyer Network has two participation options, and the membership is free. You can choose one option or both on the application below.

The Pro Sawyer Network will phase out our previous "Custom Cutting" and "Demo Credit" programs.

Program Participation Options

Option 1 - Businesses

If you have a sawing business, Wood-Mizer can send you new customers!

Members of the Pro Sawyer Network will be on our list of sawing businesses we recommend to people who call in or contact us through our website to find a local sawing service. Being a member of the Pro Sawyer Network will bring more customers to your business, and help you stand out from local competition.

Option 2 - Demonstrators

Do you like showing off your sawmill? Turn your passion into credit dollars!

Only registered demonstrators in the Pro Sawyer Network will be eligible to receive credit if someone buys a mill after seeing a demonstration. Once you're a registered Demonstrator, we will supply you with materials for holding successful demonstrations that will result in credit on your account with us, which can be used for any purchase (blades, service, parts, upgrades, etc.)

General Membership Requirements

  • Regular mill usage
  • Using Wood-Mizer Blades
  • Good financial standing with Wood-Mizer
  • Eager to work with Wood-Mizer for mutual success
  • New sawyers must wait 60-days after receiving mill to apply

*Wood-Mizer reserves the right to approve or disapprove any application at our discretion. Wood-Mizer reserves the right to suspend membership at any time.

Approved Members Will Receive

Pro Sawyer Hat and MugMore to Come!
  • Pro Sawyer Network hat
  • Pro Sawyer Network coffee mug
  • Membership Handbook
  • Additional materials and resources for program success

Take a few minutes to complete the membership application. Complete EACH field. If not applicable to you, please type, "N/A"


Checking this box is required to be considered for membership.
I  commit to respond to program requests within 1 business day of receiving them by phone or email
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Your opinion of the Wood-Mizer company in general
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What brand(s) of blades do you use?
What are the top 3 reasons you believe someone should buy a Wood-Mizer brand of sawmill?