Engine Covers

Don't risk rust. We have engine covers to fit our sawmills as well as our EG200 Twin Blade Edger. These tough covers are made from high-quality, fiber-reinforced material.


$90 - $150

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Part # Models Engine/Motor Sizes Price  
 P12393  LT10, LT15, LT28, LT35, and LT40 Sawmills  7-10HP Gas**, 13-25HP Gas, 10 HP Diesel, 10HP Electric  $90.00 Add to Cart
 P12393  LT40 Super and LT70 (non-super) Sawmills  25HP Electric and   $90.00 Add to Cart
 P12393  EG200 Edger  25HP Gas  $90.00 Add to Cart
 CED34  LT40 Sawmills  34-36HP Diesel  $150.00 Add to Cart
 CEG28  LT40 Sawmill and EG200 Edger  26-29HP Gas  $90.00 Add to Cart
 CEG38  LT40, LT40 Super, and LT50 Sawmills  35-38HP Gas  $115.00 Add to Cart
 CED47  LT40 Super and LT50 Sawmills 35HP, 47HP, and 55HP Diesel   $150.00 Add to Cart
 036516  LT40 Super, LT50, and LT70 (non-super) Sawmills  51HP and 61HP Diesel  $150.00 Add to Cart
 CED21  EG200 Edger  21HP Diesel  $150.00 Add to Cart

**Engine cover is a little over-sized, but it will protect your engine.