Urban Sawmilling Series Episode V - Kamuela Hardwoods

Established in 2010 as a collaboration between an ISA Certified Arborist and a sustainable building consultant, Josh Greenspan and Alex Woodbury...


Urban Sawmilling Series Episode IV - Hunski Hardwoods

James and Nick Hunsaker run Hunski Hardwoods, an urban sawmill near Sacramento, California. Established in 2010, Hunski Hardwoods specializes in...


Urban Sawmilling Series Episode III - Van Urban Timber

Eric Savics and Danny Hagge established Van Urban Timber to produce live-edge slabs and custom wood furniture from locally salvaged urban trees in...


Urban Sawmilling Series Episode II - Manayunk Timber

Steve Ebner and his daughter Rebecca run Manayunk Timber, an urban sawmill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializing in reclaiming old growth...


Industrial Sawmill Business - Westgate Urban Woods

Westgate Urban Woods salvages walnut trees with two LT70 portable sawmills and a WM1000 sawmill. 


FS350 Log Splitter - See It In Action

The FS350 log splitter is ideal for farm operations and small firewood businesses. Featuring a heavy-duty trailer and 2-stage hydraulic pump, the...


Indianapolis Woodworker Salvages Fallen Trees

Brian Presnell of Indy Urban Hardwood Co. salvages fallen and diseased urban trees with his portable sawmill in Indianapolis, Indiana.


My Wood-Mizer Story - Bryan Summerlin

Bryan Summerlin built a beautiful reception pavilion with lumber from his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.


LT40 Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

Step up to high production with the LT40 Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill.


Wood-Mizer Sawmill Blades Manufacturing

Watch how Wood-Mizer manufactures five distinct brands of sawmill blades to meet every type of wood cutting application from green softwoods to...


LX450 Twin Rail Portable Sawmill - See It In Action

See the Wood-Mizer LX450 Twin Rail Portable Sawmill in action.


Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler - Walkthrough

Pallet Recycling Product Expert, Brad Kirkaldy, gives an in-depth walkthrough of the Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler.


Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler - See It In Action

See the Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler in action.


Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler - Preview

Preview the Pallet Hawg® PD200 Pallet Dismantler from Wood-Mizer.


FS300 Log Splitter - See It In Action

Introducing the compact and powerful Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter for entry-level firewood operations.


Sawmill Maintenance - How to Coil, Uncoil, and Invert a Blade

Watch and learn how to fold and invert a sawmill band blade. Remember to always use caution an where gloves when working with sawmill blades.


Sawmill Maintenance - Winterizing Your Portable Sawmill

Learn how to properly winterize your band sawmill for cold weather sawmilling. 


Vortex Sawdust Removal Sawmill Blade

Wood-Mizer’s Vortex™ dust removal blade will clear the dust from your cut like no other sawmill blade on the market.


BMT250 Automatic Dual Tooth Setter

The BMT250 is the most productive and efficient dual tooth setter available by Wood-Mizer.


BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

The BMS250 bandsaw blade sharpener is made for the professional who needs to maintain their sawmill blades with time-saving, assured accuracy.



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