Sawmill Maintenance - How to Coil, Uncoil, and Invert a Blade

Watch and learn how to fold and invert a sawmill band blade. Remember to always use caution an where gloves when working with sawmill blades.


Sawmill Maintenance - Winterizing Your Portable Sawmill

Learn how to properly winterize your band sawmill for cold weather sawmilling. 


Sawmill Maintenance - 19/25 HP Kohler Engine Floating Choke

Learn how to adjust the choke on the 19hp and 25hp Kohler engine to prevent choke floating.


Sawmill Maintenance - Drive Belt Tension for 2016 and Newer LT15/28/35 Sawmills

Your LT15's, LT28, and LT35 sawmills have a new process for easily checking and changing your drive belt tension. This new method only works for...


Sawmill Maintenance - Hydraulic Tension Fluid Replacement

Learn how to properly replace hydraulic tension fluid on LT30, LT40, and LT50 hydraulic portable sawmills.


Sawmill Maintenance - WM4000 Industrial Sawmill Joystick Lubrication

Learn how to lubricate your WM4000 industrial sawmill joysticks.


Sawmill Maintenance - Cam Follower Bearings

Learn how to how to properly inspect the cam follower bearings on your portable sawmill heads.


Sawmill Maintenance - Double Coil Folding a Sawmill Blade

Learn how to double fold a WM1000 sawmill blade, which measures in at more than 300 inches.


Sawmill Maintenance - Blade Guide Arm Alignment

Adjusting the blade guide alignment on your Wood-Mizer sawmill.


Sawmill Maintenance - Packing a Blade in a ReSharp Cube Box

Learn how to properly pack a ReSharp Cube Box for safe shipping and to prevent damage to your thin-kerf sawmill blades. 


Sawmill Maintenance - Unpacking Blades from a ReSharp Flatpack Box

Learn how to safely unpack sawmill blades from the ReSharp Flatpack box.


Sawmill Maintenance - Packing Blades in a Flatpack Box for ReSharp

Learn how to properly pretzel a thin-kerf sawmill blade for packing in a ReSharp Flatpack box.


Sawmill Maintenance - Up/Down Bearing Replacement for LT40/LT50 Sawmills

Learn how to change the up/down bearing on your Wood-Mizer LT40 and LT50 portable sawmills. 


Sawmill Maintenance - Calibrating Accuset2 Setworks

Learn how to properly calibrate the Accuset2 Setworks on your Wood-Mizer sawmill.


Sawmill Maintenance - Transducer Replacement

Learn how to replace the transducer that works in conjunction with the Accuset2 Setworks on Wood-Mizer sawmills.


Sawmill Maintenance - LT70 Sawmill Blade Tension

Learn how to properly tension the blade system on the LT70 sawmill.


Sawmill Maintenance - LT15/LT28/LT35 Drive Belt Tension

Learn how to properly test and adjust the drive belt tension on Wood-Mizer LT15, LT28, LT35 sawmills.


Sawmill Maintenance - LT15/LT28/LT35 Sawmill Blade Tension

Learn the proper way to test and adjust the blade tension on the LT15, LT28, and LT35 model sawmills.


Sawmill Maintenance - LT40/LT50 with AutoClutch Drive Belt Tension

Nick Burdine walks through the proper way to test and adjust the drive belt tension on LT40 and LT50 sawmills with the Auto Clutch.


Sawmill Maintenance - LT40/LT50 Blade Tracking

Learn the proper way to test and adjust the blade tracking on the guide wheels of your LT30/LT40/LT50 sawmill.



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