LT15GO Portable Sawmill


The Wood-Mizer LT15GO is a portable sawmill on the move that will take on projects, dreams, or lumber demands no matter where your sawing takes you.

The standard trailer package allows you to simply pull the LT15GO to your site, and saw your logs right on the trailer. Six Quick-Set outriggers allow you to set up the sawmill and be sawing in minutes.

The LT15GO handles logs 28 inches in diameter by 17 feet, 8 inches feet long. Loading heavy logs is a one-man job with the included winch and ramps. 6 adjustable side supports and the two log clamps secure the log, and allow you to cut within an inch of the bed. The raised working height of the LT15GO also makes it easier to pull boards off the sawmill without bending over.

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