Wood-Mizer Project Gallery


Bryan Summerlin - Wraparound Deck

2015 Personal Best Contest - First Place Exterior Projects


A-frame house with custom deck
custom staircase
custom railing with wood from LT40 Sawmill
A-frame house with custom deck
front view of A-frame house with custom deck
custom decking of A-frame house
custom staircase of A-frame deck
custom railing surrounding deck of A-frame house

After the original deck of Neal Creek Resort’s A-frame house became outdated, Bryan Summerlin wanted to make the deck a larger, more user-friendly area around the structure. Throughout the month-long project, Bryan milled 4,200 board feet of douglas fir on his Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic portable sawmill to create the 1,100 square foot wraparound deck for the resort. “People are always surprised to see how nice the boards look right off of the LT40HD sawmill,” said Bryan. “We love the ample power on our diesel motor and the simplicity of operating the Accuset 2. The quick adjusting leveling system is a must.” Bryan received assistance from Heath Etzel, Jeffery and Chandelle Summerlin to complete the carpentry work for the project. Using post and beam construction, the group built the foundation, decking, and stairs while laminating lumber together for the handrails. Bryan says the new deck is the property’s new centerpiece. “Everyone enjoys the spaciousness of the deck, and people like the curved handrails,” said Bryan. “The kids really like the deck surrounding the large douglas fir tree.” The new deck enables visitors to appreciate the seemingly endless views of nature from all angles. “Most of the lumber dimensions are custom, and would have to be special ordered,” said Bryan. “We do not know how much we saved, but for us, having our Wood-Mizer sawmill is priceless.”