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David Dove - Horse Barn

2015 Personal Best Contest - First Place Small Barns & Sheds


For years David Dove had been eyeing a neighbors’ Wood-Mizer LT15 portable sawmill, but unfortunately for David, his neighbor wouldn’t sell. He had all but given up when out of the blue the 74-year-old neighbor called and asked if he wanted to buy it and of course David jumped on it. At the same time David had been yearning for the Wood- Mizer his daughter Kirsten, as many 12 year old girls, had her heart set on owning her own horse. Kirsten had been wanting her own horse for as long as she could remember, but every time she would ask for one her dad would say, “I don’t know, maybe someday.” READ MORE >> 

horse, girl in front of custom barn
mill under cover
father, daughter, horse in front of barn
horse in front of custom barn
custom barn under construction
custom barn under construction
framed custom barn
father, daughter, horse in front of barn

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