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Joe Vardanega - Oregon Family Cabin

2013 Personal Best First Place Winner in Small Homes and Cabins


Family Cabin
Interior Cabin Roof
Interior Cabin Loft
Family Cabin in Winter
family cabin in Oregon
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Wood-Mizer sawmill in action
Wood-Mizer sawmill in action

With a roll of string and a wish, the plans for this beautiful family cabin in Terrebonne, Oregon took shape almost immediately. “This project started when my mother-in-law said that she would like to have a cabin built on the property that she owned. So one day I gave her and my wife a roll of string, some stakes and a measuring tape and told them to lay it out. I came back about four hours later, after felling some trees on the property, and found that they had it laid out. My mother-in-law then asked me to draw up the plan as she explained. We worked on the cabin throughout the summer, on the weekends as we had time, and had it dried-in by winter.” Before the project could resume in the spring with the start of good weather, Joe’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer. They worked hard to get this cabin done before she passed away as it was her life-long dream to have a cabin on her property. “We worked all hands on deck, but she passed away five short weeks after her diagnosis.” In just one year's time and only a few months after his mother-in-law’s passing, the project was finished. Joe used the word “bittersweet” to describe the feeling of seeing the cabin. “Unfortunately she did not get to see the finished project,” he said. The family currently enjoys spending time in the cabin and will continue to enjoy the cabin in her memory for years to come. Joe estimated that by using his Wood-Mizer LT35 portable sawmill he saved close to $10,000. With the help of his mill, Joe was able to cut more than 90% of the ponderosa pine and juniper needed for the project. He estimated that approximately 4,000 board feet was cut for the build. The end result was this picture perfect, 392-square-foot, 14' x 20' cabin, complete with a loft and covered porch. Some other features of this cabin include a propane refrigerator and four-burner propane stove with oven. On the lower level there is a juniper dining table with benches as well as a futon. The upper bedroom loft area of the cabin provides extra space and is accessed from an outside stairway. All the decking surrounding the cabin is pine, and all of the hand railing is juniper. Metal roofing covers the large front porch and the 14/12-pitch cabin roof.


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