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Only one operator is needed to manage log handling, sawing, and timber removal for further processing making the WM4500 a highly profitable machine. The WM4500 adapts easily for whatever cutting requirements are needed and delivers higher log yield at lower investment and operating cost than alternatives, increasing profitability and ability to produce diverse products quickly.

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WM4500 Cuts
WM4500 Industrial Sawmill
The WM4500 can be used as a primary headrig to saw pallet boards, grade or dimensional lumber or to breakdown logs for further processing.
Horizontal Resaw
Recovers slabs or resaws cants using two or more resaw heads to produce multiple clean, square edged boards in one pass.
Board Edger
Removes the bark edges from boards to produce clean, squared edged boards on two sides using twin edger blades.
Log Deck
Efficiently stages and loads logs onto the sawmill equipment for processing.
Cross Transfer Deck
Transfers material for staging or processing with configurable deck options including length, height, and incline.
Roller Table
Transfers material inline or cross for additional processing including resawing and edging with configurable table options including length and height.
Belted Conveyor
Transports boards and large cants for staging or processing with configurable conveyor options including length, height, and incline.
Green Chain
Moves sawn lumber at a controlled rate with configurable options including length and width.

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