TV6000 Sawmilling System


DescriptionTV6000 Sawmilling System

Wood-Mizer industrial products are heavy-duty, and built-tough sawmilling solutions for high-throughput industrial sawmilling applications. Each product is designed to operate as standalone unit that can be used in existing sawmilling lines or form an entire sawmilling line that can be customized to the requirements of the end-user.

The TV6000 is our larger and most robust primary breakdown twin-vertical saw. This model makes use of a heavy duty, automated infeed and outfeed systems. The TV6000 can handle a high throughput of small to medium diameter logs and a maximum log length of 21.8ft (6.6 m).

Our Twinband achieves equal open face cutting using a fast and accurate log loading system coupled with pressurized hold-down rollers and a sharp feed chain.

Example SystemsTV6000

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High-throughput, robust twin vertical saw. Ideal for pallet and construction timber mill operations.
MultiRip Edger
Removes the bark edges from boards to produce clean, squared edged boards on two sides using twin edger blades.
horizontal Resaw
Log Deck
Efficiently stages and loads logs onto the sawmill equipment for processing.
Cross Transfer Deck
Transfers material for staging or processing with configurable deck options including length, height, and incline.
horizontal Resaw
Roller Table
Facilitate the transfer of material to other operations down stream of the sawmill.
Belted Conveyor
Transports boards and large cants for staging or processing with configurable conveyor options including length, height, and incline.
horizontal Resaw
Green Chain
The Wood-Mizer Green Chain will move your sawn lumber to its destination at a controlled rate.

Customer Stories


Nelson Wood Shims Installs Wood-Mizer Sawmill System to Drive Productivity

Nelson Wood Shims, the largest shim manufacturer in North America, recently installed an industrial sawmill system from leading wood processing equipment manufacturer, Wood-Mizer, at its state-of-the-art, high volume sawmill facility in Minnesota, USA.


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