Twin Vertical Sawmill - Heavy Duty (TVSHD)

The TVS HD consists of a saw head with integrated waste conveyor, incline log deck, control operator cab, infeed with log integrated turner, and outfeed.

Twin Vertical Saw - Heavy Duty

The TVS HD uses thin-kerf blades to efficiently remove the two vertical sides of a log up to 16" in diameter and up to 17' in length. 

Inclined loading deck and automated log turner are standard features on this equipment. The automated log turner allows each log to be rotated to an optimal position and then placed onto the moved spiked chain feed. The log is guided by pressure rollers giving it maximum stability in the cut. From the elevated cab with an ergonomic control panel, the operator selects the desired cutting size and the TVS HD automatically adjusts to that size without the need to sort logs before sawing. 

The TVS HD is cost-effective, versatile, designed for high performance, and built strong for years of reliable service. With an average productivity of 6 logs per minuute, the sawmill is ideal for pallet production lines. 

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

Advanced Control Panel

Advanced Control Panel
New ergonomic design of operator panel with Touch Screen and Setworks.

Twin Cutting Heads

Twin Cutting Heads
Make two vertical cuts in one pass.

Slab Removal System

Slab Removal System
Side disks release slabs onto conveyors below.

Log Turner

Automated Log Turner
With hammer pneumatic rollers on the infeed side.

Blade Tension

Hydraulic Blade Tension
Centralized tension system tensions both blades at once.

Log Laoding Deck

Incline Loading Deck
Separates and transfers logs to the log turner.


Power 25HP (18.5kW) Electric 480V/60 Hz, 3-Phase
Log Diameter 6" - 16" (150 - 400mm)
Log Length (depending on table versions, custom length up to 5.2 m)  4' - 12' (1.2 - 3.6m)
Cut Width 3" - 9.85" (76 - 250mm)
Blade Wheel Diameter 24" (600mm)
Blade Wheel Type Belted Cast Steel
Feed Speed  0-80 ft/min** (0-25m/min)
Chain Feed Speed 0-65 ft/min (0-20m/min)
Lug Spacing 22" (560mm)
Length 185" (4.7m)
(optional width)
2" (50mm)
1.25" - 1.5" (32-38mm)
**Feed speeds will vary. Typical feed rates are 20 - 40 fpm / 6 - 12 mpm

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