EA3000 Vision Optimized Edger System

The Wood-Mizer EA3000 Vision Optimized Edger System uses advanced camera scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards. The entire edging process is automated – from incoming boards to scanning to sawing. Capable of handling up to 20 boards per minute, the high performing EA3000 is a revolutionary machine that combines robust construction and advanced technology into an affordable solution.

The World's Most Cost-Effective Vision Optimized Edger System for Hardwood Mills!

The Optimizing Edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards. The entire edging process is automated. First, each board is scanned. The profile of each board is then analyzed by a computer, which decides on the best product to maximize recovery. Decisions are based on both volume recovery and product value. After scanning, the boards pass through an alignment station and then are sawn. The EA1000/EA3000 is capable of handling up to 25 boards per minute and is the ideal machine to edge boards coming from the Resaw. Electric servo sizing system achieves any width of cut without complication. Parallel PLC / computer control systems allow the machine to be switched over to manual mode with a single button. Online support allows our technicians to dial into your machine to troubleshoot it remotely. Overall, the Optimizing Edger is a simple, robust and automated solution to your edging needs.


  • Optical scanning on the run

  • Easy to use windows interface

  • Mechanised material handling for fast, accurate board alignment

  • Online support and troubleshooting available

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Model EA1000/EA3000
Throat width  19-11/16" (500mm) (max material width) 
Cutting width Min - 1.575" (40mm); Max - 11-13/16" (300mm) (customizable up to 19-11/16" (500mm))
Min material thickness 3/4" (19mm)
Max material thickness 1-3/4" (45mm)
Blade diameter 11-13/16" - 12-1/2" (300mm-320mm)
Blade kerf  0.118" - 0.197" (3-5mm)
Main saw motors 29.5HP or 40.2HP (22kW or 30kW)
Feed motor & gearbox 13.4HP(10kW)
Feed speed 0-460 ft/min (0 - 140m/min)
Piece Count 0-25 boards/min (length  dependent)
Sizing method  Electric servo sizing system
Optical scanner controlled
Automated board alignment
Scanning method Computer controlled optical scanner
Hold downs  Driven pneumatic hold downs
Options In-line or transverse board scanning


Features | EA3000 Optimizing Board Edger

Incoming Transfer Deck

A standard feature of the infeed is the ability to feed from both sides for ultimate flexibility and productivity. The boards are carried on a cross transfer with hook-stops. Dual limit switches facilitate straightening of boards that arrive skewed. An optional integrated flipper allows an operator to flip boards in the wane up position. In addition, the hook stops on the cross transfer effectively create a buffer so that several boards can be lined up and ready to be edged. With boards queued up, a set of speedup chains conveys the board onto the center chain. Clamps and alignment arms center the board while top press rolls engage, keeping the board firmly on the ramps when the centering arms release.

  • Flexible to receive boards from left, right, or both sides.
  • Effectively align skewed boards
  • Handles high level of incoming boards
  • Performs at top speed for productivity

Bottom Line: The Mechanized material handling features of the EA3000 allow a high piece count to be processed through the edger without tiring an operator. The system effectively aligns, scans and edges at top speeds with little to no physical contact with the boards.

Optimizing Vision Scanning System

With boards staged for edging, the EA3000’s vision scanning system goes into action to optimize every board. The advanced, multi-camera system and software automatically identifies board dimension, shape, color, sap wood, and grade; as well as unwanted visual defects including bark, wane, or knots. The vision-based scanner easily locates bark and other characteristics which is not possible with a geometric scanner. The simple to use industrial computer and windows-based software identifies where the independently movable blades are placed to ensure the highest value final product is produced. The net result is that recovery improves, product value improves and down grade and re-work are reduced. The EA3000 will edge dimensional lumber as well as random widths with the added functionality of setting width priorities. Ready to achieve any cut without complication, a signal is sent to the servo electric drives which move the blades to the intended position.

  • Identify board dimension, shape, color, grade, and imperfections
  • Optimize every board for highest value or yield
  • Make the right grading decisions without an operator
  • Set width priorities and achieve any cut without complication

Bottom Line: Make the right grading decision without a skilled operator using the advanced vision system that takes a highly detailed picture of each board, analyzes it for maximize recovery, and positions the saw blades for the highest return.

Offset Sawing

The EA3000 features two independent blades which can be set asymetrically within the cutting window, thereby compensating for the exact position of the board relative to the cut zone. This feature greatly reduces the complexity of the infeed system while still achieving excellent sawing solutions. With the edger set up to make precise cuts, the pneumatically-actuated feed chain engages the board and sends it through the sawing head. The board remains aligned as it travels through the optimized cutting unit resulting in cuts that are accurate relative to the board’s position. On the outfeed, the wane is separated into a chute and a tailing chain conveys the board onward. Boards are then graded and stacked, ready for kiln drying or dispatch.

  • Two independent blades with offset operation
  • Asymmetrical blade positioning
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Added recoverable value from each board

Bottom Line: Get the full flexibility of offset sawing by positioning blades exactly where needed to maximize the yield based on the position of the board.


All the functions of the machine are performed from the comfortable control station. The Automated Parallel/PLC computer control systems effortlessly manage all machine functions. The main parameters include lumber species selection, board dimension, shape, color, grade, wane tolerances, and product priorities. All parameters can be changed while in operation. Additionally, full automation can be switched to manual mode with a single button. Combining both automation and optimization, the EA3000 removes many decisions required of a skilled operator, eliminates the physical and mental demands of grading, and overcomes bottlenecks that impact output and sawmill efficiency. When technical support and troubleshooting are needed, technicians can use a remote connection to access the diagnostics.

  • Eliminates need for skilled operator
  • Change parameters on the fly
  • Optional manual mode operation
  • All machine functions are operated from PLC controls

Bottom Line: Achieve 20 boards per minute with yields of 2-5% higher compared to a manual system.

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