• HR500 Horizontal Resaw

HR700 Horizontal Resaw

Large capacity, heavy-duty multi-head horizontal resaw

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Modular, Multi-head Resaw

Ideal for companies that need a large capacity, heavy-duty multi-head resaw, the HR700’s modular design makes it easy to expand from one to a maximum of six heads as production demands change. In its maximum six head configuration, the HR700 converts large cants into six boards and one slab in a single pass.

A separate control stand holds all controls for the resaw. Centralized blade tensioning for each two-head base makes the blade change process more efficient. Standard, head height is positioned with a manual screw. Optional Setworks with electric up/down are available, which increase speed and precision when adjusting the heads to produce different sized lumber.

The twin-track steel belt conveyor provides a solid and durable surface that fully supports the entire cant width. Heavy, powered rollers stabilize and feed the cants through the heads during sawing. This makes it easier to process short cants or material with internal tension. A pneumatic sensor automatically raises the rollers to accommodate incoming cants. The roller speed is synchronized with the conveyor belt speed, providing more precise cutting, especially for thin boards.

The base HR700 module includes two heads as standard. To extend the resaw, add another two-head module and install a longer conveyor belt. The modular design gives businesses the option to scale up their resaw capability as their demands change.

Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Electric Motor

20HP Electric Motor
Extra power for increased production.

Steel Chain Conveyor

Steel Chain Conveyor
The durable hydraulic driven steel chain provides longer life and less downtime than rubber belts.

Hold Down Rollers

Optional Rollers
For shorter cants less than 4' long. Max cut height changes to 10".

Feed Rollers

Feed Rollers
Heavy, hydraulically powered rollers securely feed a variety of wood types.

Blade Tension System

Blade Tension System
Each module has centralized blade tension and lubrication.


Optional Setworks and Auto Up/Down
Increase operator productivity with the optional setworks and auto up/down.

Horizontal Resaw Success Stories

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  • Efficient - saws up to six boards in one pass.

  • Accurate - uses thin-kerf technology to produce precise cuts and higher yields.

  • Versatile - add heads with the modular design to increase productivity

  • Proven - currently in use by operations throughout the world

Resaw Options

Optional Heads (2, 4, or 6 Heads)
Additional top roller per head
Lubrication with tank on each head
Setworks and auto up/down

The base HR700 module includes two heads as a standard. To extend the resaw, add another two-head module and install a longer conveyor belt.
The modular design gives businesses the option to scale up their resaw capability as their demands change.


20HP (15kW) per head Elec 460V/60Hz - Standard
30HP (22.4kW) per head Elec 460V/60Hz - Optional
Length 184" (467 cm) 
Width 1.25" - 1.5" (32 - 38mm)
Cutting Capacity
Cant Length 47" - Unlimited (910 mm)
Cant Width 3" - 15.75" (75 - 400mm)
Cant Height
0.37" - 15.75" (10 - 400mm)
Cut Width
3" - 15.75" (75 - 400mm)
Cut Height
0.25" - 15.75" (6 - 400mm)
Blade Wheel
Diameter 24" (600mm)
Type Belted Cast Steel
Feed System
Conveyor Steel, 15.2" (387 mm)
Feed Speed
0-65 ft/min (0-20 m/min) with 20HP
0-100 ft/min (0-30 m/min) with 30HP
 Due to many variables, feed speed will vary
Dimensions & Requirements
  1&2 Heads
3&4 Heads
5&6 Heads
Length 11' 6" (3.5m)
20' (6.35m)
28' (8.6m)
Width (1-6 heads)
8' 6" (2.6m)
Width with fence
9' 6" (2.9m)
Height (1-6 heads)
7" (2.1m)
Table Height (1-6 heads) 36" (910mm)
Shop Air Supply 80 - 125 psi @ 5cfm
Weight Specifications (6 heads) 13,510 lbs (6,130 kg)