KD450 Dehumidification Kiln Kit

Mid-size dehumidification wood kiln drying system for up to 15,000 board feet of lumber.

Outstanding Performance for Entry-level Commercial Operations

Complete with an auxiliary heater, five 24", 1/2 HP circulating fans, controls, prewired electric panel, two automatic over temperature vents, ductwork, and up to 15,000 board foot capacity, the KD450 dehumidication lumber kiln comes with everything you need to maximize the value of your lumber except the chamber itself. Chamber not included. Call or request info for details about different chamber options that may fit your needs.


Capacity:  4,000 - 15,000 board feet
Temp Range:  80° -160°F
Drying Time: 4,000 board feet 4/4 green pine (80% to 8%) in approx. 8 days 15,000 board feet 4/4 green oak (65% to 8%) in approx. 28 days
Electrical Requirements: 220V / 50Hz or 60Hz Single Phase
220V / 50Hz or 60Hz Three Phase
380V / 50Hz Three Phase
460V or 575V / 60Hz Three Phase
Warranty: 1 year Limited

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Kiln Diagram