• WM1000 Headrig
  • WM1000 Headrig
  • WM1000 Headrig
  • WM1000 Headrig

WM1000 Industrial Sawmill

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Saw and Break Down Large Logs

The Wood-Mizer WM1000 is designed to saw large logs including hardwood, softwood, and tropical species. Durable and easy to use, this mill features a saw head with a massive throat opening that moves along a twin-rail frame.

The WM1000 breaks down large logs with a capacity center cut of 67" and uses thin-kerf narrow band blades that measure 2" to 3" wide and provides more material recovery. The oversize blade wheels reduce stress on the blade and the long blade length gives longer cutting time between sharpenings. With the WM1000, logs can be sawed into half, quarters, or cut into manageable cants for resawing. The operator safely controls all cutting functions while standing on a platform that moves with the head and includes computerized setworks.

"We recently cut a 15', 48" diameter walnut log [using the WM1000] and were amazed to find that the thickness of the slabs didn't vary by more than 1/32" over the whole 15'. Our finish on the slabs is much better than [our previous mill] and we yield an extra slab on every log. We also plan to use the WM1000 for a large re-saw and for parting out logs to be cut on our smaller sawmill."

- Art Blumenkron, Goby Walnut and Western Hardwoods
  Portland, Oregon

WM1000 Options

Track Assembly 33' (10m)
Track Assembly 66' (20.1m)

Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

WM1000 Ride-along Operator Station

Ride-along Operator Station
Stay close to the action comfortably and safely with the ride-along station.

WM1000 Control Panel with Setworks

Control Panel with Setworks
The standard setworks increases productivity and accurately positions the head for the next cut.

WM1000 Blade Guide System

Blade Guide System
The use of double-carrying blocks reduces vibration and ensures proper support of the blade while cutting.

WM1000 Blade Tensioner

Blade Tensioner
The hydraulic system ensures constant tension during the cutting process.

WM1000 Blade Lubrication

Blade Lubrication
The two-sided blade lubrication system cleans and reduces noise during cutting.

WM1000 Blade Wheels

Blade Wheels
The 42” steel wheels reduce blade stress and come standard with a lubrication system.

WM1000 Industrial Sawmill Success Stories

From Sawing Raw Logs to Moulding Finished Flooring in Scotland

Just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, Sandy Crook has retired from his full time arborist business to spend more time with what he really enjoys, seeing timber turned into final products. With his...Read More

Industrial Sawmill Business - Westgate Urban Woods

Westgate Urban Woods salvages walnut trees with two LT70 portable sawmills and a WM1000 sawmill. Read More

WM1000 Headrig Illustration WM1000 Headrig Illustration

Bed Configuration

Log Diameter

Thickness of Last Board

Log on ground

67" (1.7m)

12" (300mm)

Log on square timber



Log on hydraulic bed (ground level)

45" (1.15m)

4" (100mm)

Log on hydraulic bed (below ground level)

67" (1.7m)

6" (150mm)

WM1000 packaged and ready to ship.
WM1000 Pallet


50HP (37.3kW) Elec 480V/60Hz 3Ph
Length 386" (9.8m) 
Width 2" (51mm) or 3" (76mm)
Cutting Capacity
Log Length Unlimited, based on rail length
Log Diameter
12" - 67" (0.3 - 1.7m)
Cut Width
8" - 67" (0.2 - 1.7m)
Cut Height
4" - 67" (0.1 - 1.7m)
Throat Height (blade to head)
39" (990mm)
Blade Wheel
Diameter 42" (1m)
Type Crowned steel
Head Drive
Power Feed
1.5HP (1.1kW)
Head up/down 1HP (0.75kW)
Blade Guide motors 2x 1/3HP (0.25kW)
Shipping Dimensions
Head 14’8” x 2’3” x 8’ (4.47m x 0.69m x 2.44m)
Mast 12’ x 6’8” x 5’ (3.66m x 2.03m x 1.52m)
Motor Assembly
5’ x 3’8” x 2’8” (1.52m x 1.12m x 0.81m)
Shipping Weight
6,500 lbs (2,948 kg)

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