Building a Wood Kiln Video Series

Building a Kiln Part 1: Kiln Delivery

"This is a series of multiple videos that will show how I construct a chamber for my new Wood-Mizer KD150 Kiln. In this first video I show the delivery of the kiln and introduce what to expect from the video series that will document in great detail on the entire process of building a lumber drying kiln. I also explain my reason for getting a kiln and my overall expectations." - Nathan Elliott  


Building a Kiln Part 2: Gathering Materials

How to construct the kiln and footage of gathering materials.


Building a Kiln Part 3: Floor Construction

Constructing the floor for the kiln. 


Building a Kiln Part 4: Chamber Construction

Construction of the building that will house the kiln. 


Building a Kiln Part 5: Insulation

Constructing the ceiling and beginning the insulation.


Building a Kiln Part 6: Vents

Completing the insulation and the installation of two vents.


Building a Kiln Part 7: Door Construction

Constructing and insulating doors for the kiln.


Building a Kiln Part 8: Chamber Complete

Completion of the kiln and the specifics of all the instruments and components of the unit.


Building a Kiln Part 9: First Load

Specifics of drying each species of wood and the capacity of the kiln. Loading the kiln and the settings for drying the first load of lumber.


Building a Kiln Part 10: Series Complete

Results and suggestions from first load of drying lumber.


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